Top VFX and Animation Courses in Bangalore to Build Your Career

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If you were born in the 80s or 90s, you must have seen the era when we all loved to see our daily cartoons like Tom and Jerry. What catches your eye and makes you lost in these cartoons? Have you ever thought about who had the idea to make this or what is the technical subject that works behind this?

It is all because of VFX and animation–the visual effect that creates and manipulates the particular effect. VFX and animators are used in TV shows, movies, and various other cartoons & shows. It is thus used in every field where visual effects become necessary, like real estate and advertising.

Here we intend to talk about VFX and animation courses in Bangalore, but before that, let us first dig into the details of VFX and its future scope.

Scope Of VFX

The IT sector and telecommunication have become necessary for the film industry. VFX and animation courses in Bangalore have become the key element of any animation course in Bangalore. Regarding India (as a whole), From FY 19 to FY 20, the VFX and animation industry has grown by 15 percent from 88 bn to 101 bn.

  • VFX is used in almost every entertainment sector, like shows, educational content, and online books for kids. And it has become a flagship property for TV shows and movies.
  • Seeing the widened scope of VFX in the entertainment and private sectors, the government of India has decided to establish a National Centre of Excellence for Animation, Gaming, and Visual Effects and a Moving Image Museum in Mumbai, India.

So, seeing this phenomenal growth, there is much more need for young talent in the VFX and animation industry.

VFX and Animation Courses

What VFX And Animation Courses In Bangalore Are Offered By Arena Animation Institute?

VFX Compositing And Editing

The meaning compositing is meant by the use of photorealistic outputs, 2D and 3D special effects, computer graphics, and the use of live footage. Arena Animation VFX Course lets you know compositing and video editing aspects. After this course, you can put a sense of emotion in your stories and put the special effect on light, shadow, and color.

Motion Graphic Design

It is the complete combination of video productions, film techniques, and animations that further makes the subset of graphic design. One of the great examples of motion graphic design is the logo of any TV channel. How will the Arena Animation VFX course help you— it will let you learn the effects and work with audio, editing, color grading, photoshop, advertising, printing, typography, page design, and digital compositing.

VFX Prime

It is a comprehensive course where you will learn the basics of VFX with advanced compositing techniques. This course is further segregated into terms: Term 1, Term 2, and Term 3. Each level of the course will take you around 1 or 2 years to learn.

VFX Film Making

The actual or real work that is behind the making of films in Hollywood, Bollywood, and other regional film industries is what you will learn in the VFX Film Making course. Under this Arena Animation VFX course, you will be taught about the pre-production, production, and post-production VFX effects and all the modules that cover the basic and advanced VFX details. This course is divided into three terms: VFX Design & Visualization, 3D Design & VFX Basics, and Visual Effects For Films.


The VFX and Animation courses in Bangalore and the industry are job-oriented. You may have various artistry roles after a course in visual effects. For example, you can become a layout artist, compositing artist, lighting artist, rendering artist, roto artist, matte painter, and match mover artist. If the VFX artists are given proper training and are taught per the industry norms, they can have the full potential for a bright career.

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