How to Use Nutrients and Fertilizers to Grow Marijuana Plants

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Cannabis cultivation involves many factors that determine the plant’s healthy growth; however, nutrients and fertilizers are the significant elements that help in growing marijuana. However, a plant consumes nutrients naturally from the soil, but it’s impossible or compulsory that the soil has a significant amount of nutrients to grow marijuana. Therefore, it requires fertilizers or additional supplements to amplify the fertilization and nutrition in the soil.

Moreover, cannabis requires massive amounts of nutrients and fertilizers than other plants. Cannabis requires variant nutrients, some as micronutrients and some as macronutrients. However, powdered form of nutrients is used in outdoor cannabis plantations for the whole life cycle.

It may add on the top of the soil that provides a subsequent amount of nutrients for further growth. Whereas in indoor cannabis plantations, the nutrients are offered to cannabis in the form of liquid as mixing it into the water and watering.

However, mixing of nutrients takes time in consumption. Make sure to add a measurable amount of nutrients within 1-2 times a week. The most favorable way to healthiest plant growth is by choosing fertile soil as it naturally provides a subsequent amount of nutrients to the plant. On several sites,, you can get adequate guidance on adding nutrients to grow marijuana.

Nutrients and fertilizations at variant growth stages

Cannabis growth involves a life cycle that is divided into three stages; the Seedling stage, vegetative stage, and flower stage.

    • Seedling stage- At this stage, soil already has an outstanding amount of nutrients, or the soil is rich with variant minerals and nutrients required for growth. Additional amounts of supplements and fertilizers are not necessary at this stage.
    • Vegetative stage- At this stage, the root and leaves start to develop, and the plant requires more amount of nutrients and fertilizers as it’s the growing stage of the plant. High nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potash are required at the vegetative stage.
    • Flower stage- The amount of nutrients and fertilization are variant at the vegetative and flowering stage. At the flowering stage, marijuana requires low amounts of nitrogen and high amounts of phosphorus and potassium.

List of fertilizers for growing marijuana

    • General Hydroponics Organics Go Box
    • Element Flower Fuel Plant fertilizer
    • J R Peters Inc. Jacks Classic Blossom Booster Fertilizer
    • Botanicare Growilla Veg & Bud Plant Fertilizer
    • General Hydroponics GH5312 CaMg+ Plant Nutrition
    • Maxicrop Pure Seaweed Extract Soluble Powder
    • Orga Grow Holland Organic Nutrients For Marijuana Plants – Liquid Fertilizer For Hydroponic

Furthermore, it is essential to choose adequate and top-quality fertilizer as it nurtures the marijuana and provides everything that your plant requires to grow.


There are several nutrients and fertilizers that are required in growing marijuana, such as nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and many more. But it’s essential to provide adequate amounts of nutrients and fertilization, fix the natural fertilization for the cannabis, plant it in nutrient-enriched soil that does not require additional fertilizer or nutrients, and cause harmful impact on the plant. At several sites such as you can gain more information.

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