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Twitter is now one of social media’s most popular platforms. In contrast to traditional media, social media like Twitter gave anyone on the street a voice. Every day in the world there is about 200 million tweets. Everybody has to share something and someday, anyone can be a growing brand.

The question is whether it helps to improve your brand with 100,000 followers on Twitter. ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are the answer. Yes, because more people are going to notice your tweets every day. No, because of the 100,000 Twitter followers that don’t care about your tweets, you might have 99999.

So, how can we build our Twitter account?  This is the tips – 

1. Follow the right people and follow them

It means following people who are common interests and like you in this context. What I do instead of typing the “Who to follow” section because I know that some big shots won’t follow you; I’m usually going to visit any profile that has a good number of supporters. To see the followers, click to see. Then on your keyboard click on the button “CTRL and F.” Type the Word of Interest in the Find box and you can see an active user list as you do. Follow them, wait until they come back to you. Those who want to watch your tweets and appreciate your profile will get real folk like that.

2. Manage Your Followers and the People You Follow

Managing Flitter is one of the best free online tools. In this way, the people you have followed but do not follow you can easily be managed.

3. Tweet Regularly

You must regularly use Twitter to “serve” your followers by providing them with your news, stories, and online information, which is interesting to share with them. How many tweets is tweeting every day? Between 7 and 10 tweets, a day are a good suggestion. It is because people want to see you as a value provider because they know your tweets can be useful.

4. Refrain From “Business Greed” 

Twitter can be an excellent way for you to do business, but you have to abstain. Twitter’s main objective is and is to socialise. You have to talk. Do less selling and branding, so you can get advice from people. Be an expert where people respect you, instead of a ‘talkative’ on the Twitter network, and seek you for advice.

5. Create a Strong Branding Profile Online

Place your brand and your internet well on Twitter. Let ‘Twitter-sphere’ know that in your niche industry you are a twitter-er expert. Write great articles on websites of the good industry to share your knowledge with your readers, and to link them to your Twitter account. Of course, the greater the credibility that you have, the more supporters you will witness every day. One of the simplest things that you can do is create your own thoughtful quotes and tweet them.

6. Do Not Buy Followers

Followers are in violation of Twitter game rules. And it’s not good for you either. Your account could eventually be suspended. And you can not follow your tweets or like your brand by the 100,000 followers you bought. I’ve rather 1000 raving fans than 100,000 supporters who didn’t even know my name in my Twitter account.

7. Be Prominent

Register in popular on-line Twitter directories like Twellow and Twiends your Twitter profile. You can find more channels on Twitter easily. Google and other search engines will eventually index your short Twitter organics, so you might need to plan carefully with important keywords in your organics.

8. “Connect” with Your Followers

Twitter is designed to improve connections and dialogues between people. Try to find out more about your followers, see their websites, read and appreciate their articles and tweets, thank you for your mention. On the Twitter-sphere, you don’t talk about anonymous robots but about a real individual with a name. The ‘connection’ between individuals was simplified by Twitter and other social media, so use it wisely.

9. Be Patient and Keep on Building 

Patient with the outcomes. Do not rush to see your Twitter followers increase sharply. If you do not tell me that you are Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber who every day has nearly hundreds of thousands of new followers. If not, be patient in giving good tweets and updates and continue building your brand, follow the same-minded meeples, and give values, not just information.

Use Twitter well and your business and branding with this great social media platform will surely be a tremendous success.


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