List of 7 Best Restaurants That Delivers Top Quality Food in Lahore.

online food delivery in Lahore
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In Lahore, there are several excellent cafes and restaurants to choose from if you want to spend time with friends or family. You can have different cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Seafood, Fast food, BBQ, Desserts, etc.

If you want to spend a night out with your family or meet up with an old friend, dining at some of Lahore’s greatest restaurants is undoubtedly a smart choice. We have put together a list of the top 7 restaurants that offer Online Food Delivery in Lahore with good quality and taste.

Café Aylanto

Café Aylanto is a local favorite for sitting outside in the evenings and having a gourmet meal, thanks to its lovely outdoor courtyard. Aylanto serves a wide range of cuisines, with a concentration on Italian and Mediterranean fare. The restaurant is pricey, but the ambiance and food are well worth the investment. Moroccan Chicken, Sole Mediterranean, and the BBQ grill are some of their greatest sellers! Nonetheless, their beef steaks are among the best in Lahore, but it is their Cream of Mushroom soup that steals the show, so order that as a beginning. They also provide a delectable breakfast, with their Eggs Benedict perhaps being the best in Lahore.


Unlike other restaurants with large menus, Mouthful offers a small number of distinctive dishes, which is probably why they have been able to retain their consistency. Mouthful is badly underappreciated. Their flavor, quality, and value for money are unmatched. Because it prefers to cook with natural and healthy ingredients, the restaurant has exceptionally delicious, high-quality meat. Their nihari, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Patakha chicken, Mutton Chops, and famous are their top picks, but most favorite is their famous club sandwich.

Bamboo Union

Bamboo Union, the Lahoris’ favorite Asian Fusion restaurant, serves delicious dishes in an Asian-inspired atmosphere. Their goal is to bring the highest quality Asian cuisine under one roof. Bamboo Union is serving the best seafood in Lahore. You may order Pad Thai, Garlic Chicken, or just their Chicken Manchurian, and the explosion of flavors will make you fall in love with the restaurant. Bamboo Union is in DHA Phase 5 and is also located in Gulberg, opposite Mall One. They are also offering their customers of online food delivery in Lahore.

Spice Bazar

Spice Bazar is all about desi food, if you are craving special desi food, Spice Bazar is a great option. Spice Bazaar is a nicely constructed restaurant located somewhere outside MM Alam Road that serves Pakistani cuisine with a burst of our distinctive spices. You may fill your stomach with anything from malai botti, mutton chops, and chicken handi to parathas and freshly cooked naans. Their menu is full desi and spicy traditional food.


Sumo has to be at the top of everyone’s list, because of its stunning decor and outstanding cuisine flavor. They provide a wide range of Japanese-fusion foods, as well as a fantastic environment to go with it. We promise a great dining experience every time with our signature Robata grill, live teppanyaki cooking stations, and live Sushi bar. Their sushi is just amazing, and their Red Snapper is also recommended if you are a fish fan. You will almost always be greeted with complimentary beverages or dessert, especially if you are a regular visitor. It might become one of your favorite places to eat in Lahore in no time!


Sasha’s is an awesome all-arounder restaurant where you may eat and enjoy everything you want! Start with salads and soups, then move on to pasta, burgers, main dishes, and their Signature Thaali. Everything on their menu is delicious, as is the entire atmosphere of the restaurant. Sasha’s in Gulberg, near Mall One, offers dine-in service and delivery options too.

Rina Kitchenette

Rina’s Kitchenette originated as an out-of-home bakery and has since expanded to become one of Lahore’s most popular restaurants, attracting young people from all over the city with an appealing blend of modern-day food and some attractive décor. Rina’s Kitchenette’s meals, as well as its sweets, have highly distinct flavors. The Baos are our favorite dish here, and they are maybe the finest in Lahore. While Rina’s menu provides a variety of selections, their gourmet burgers and pizzas are generally the favorites. Their pizzas are very delicious, thanks to high-quality ingredients, particularly the cheese they utilize. The meat, combined with cheddar and lettuce, on their Smash Burger is especially delicious and juicy, just the way a burger should be. They have even expanded their menu to include Sunday brunch.

The above mentioned are the best restaurants that are offering food to their customers with the best taste, quality, and fresh meals. And the best part is that all of the restaurants are also offering online food delivery in Lahore.


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