7 Tips To Prepare For CEH Certification Exam

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Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is one of the most sought-after certifications for security professionals concerned with ethical hacking. Developing a cybersecurity or ethical hacking career is challenging and requires a dedicated set of knowledge and skills. An ethical hacker certification thus becomes necessary to prepare for the cybersecurity world.

Who Provides The CEH Certification?

Because the profiles related to cybersecurity professions are delicate and demand the optimum skills, getting a certification from a credible organization is a must.

EC Council provides the certification, a worldwide leader that offers certifications for InfoSec cybersecurity course like computer hacking forensic investigator and certified ethical hacker, or CEH. You can go through the prerequisites and learn more about the certification with leading IT experts like Koenig Solutions.

7 Tips For Preparation Of The CEH Certification Exam

The certification demands a determined strategy and intelligent work. Following are some tips to ace the milestone:

  • Generating A Study Plan 

A proper plan of study and subsequent plan of action, preceded by hefty research on the topics to cover, is highly imperative. You do not need a lot of resources. Keep them minimal and have a focus on revision of the checklist of topics. Thoroughly knowing two topics is better than knowing ten of them vaguely.

The checklist must have the following material covered:

  • Network Security
  • Footprinting
  • Scanning
  • Sniffing
  • Session hijacking
  • SSL, etc.
  • Threats
  • Latest mobile hacking tools
  • SQL injection
  • DDoS attacks
  • Shellshock (uses Bash vulnerabilities), etc.
  • Countermeasures
  • Current security laws and current industry standards
  • Security controls
  • Cryptography, etc.
  • Utilising An Exam-Like Environment

At regular time intervals, it is advised to go through the exam pattern and the kind of asked questions. Setting yourself in a real-world environment will prepare you mentally and physically for the D-day, and there will be prevention of shock or nervousness when the actual exam takes place. 

  • Analyse The Exam

EC Council’s official website has anything and everything required to understand what the exam demands. There are practice questions, study materials, certification topics, trainers et al. The focus must be on covering what is asked rather than studying anything related to the field. 

  • Utilise Exam Preparation Sources

CEH handbook (available on EC council’s website), blueprints, etc., are necessary to make sure you make the most of the ball when it is in their court. 

  • Joining A Course For Exam Preparation

A course for any certification preparation permits the aspirant to invest energy with an accomplished educator and genuine information while in transit to beat the test. It’s a great chance to actuate the entirety of the inquiries solved, share encounters and strategies, and even make contacts if it’s in-person preparing.

  • Taking Practice Exams 

No CEH competitor should move toward the test without the help of training questions. The CEH test contains 125 questions that you must answer in four hours. That is around two minutes for each question. Without enabling the brain sufficiently habitual for the same, the aspirant is only increasing his/her difficulty level to pass the test for the cyber security certification. 

  • Keep Calm And Have Faith In Yourself

Finally, after all the hard work, nothing will work if an aspirant ends up stressing about the exam on the day it is to be taken. Have a good 8 hours of sleep, eat a good breakfast, stay hydrated, and have faith in the preparation. If it is difficult for you, remember it is difficult for all.


A stellar career in cybersecurity and ethical hacking is rewarding but at the same time requires consistent, dedicated, and determined efforts to reach the spot by clearing the certified ethical hacking exam. Although difficult as the competition is high, this exam is achievable if an aspirant is honest with the preparation.

Following the tips and suggestions discussed above, an aspirant becomes very likely to crack the exam and enjoy a great career in the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

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