Techpally hits the use of Social Media to Increase Sales

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In most of my recent interviews on how businesses can scale up their revenue with advertising, I’ve always reaffirm the need to employ social media marketing in your marketing arsenal.

Social media marketing is not a marketing strategy you can write off or consider later, it should be adopted now, business pally.

It is a fact that most people spend most of their time on social networks more than on forums or blogs.

Social media is a powerful tool you can employ to increase your sales.

You need to register your brands on any social media network you come across, especially the biggest ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tiktok and others.

Social media is an important and helpful tool to drive up online sales. But how do you use it correctly in order to increase your sales?

You need to understand the architecture of each social media network and how it works before you can harness its full marketing potentials and capitalize on it to boost your business awareness and profits, says Techpally boss.


Instagram for example is more likely to be used by people between the ages of 18 and 34 on average.

Instagram is mostly for showbiz and entertainment and brands that her products resonate with lifestyle would do better than let’s say health or agriculture.

There, you can post pictures and videos and “like” and comment on the contributions of other users.

You need to also post high quality HD pictures and videos to be able to attract audience.

How can you use Instagram?

Companies promote their posts on Instagram in order to increase their own sales.

To make this easier for you, Instagram supports the Facebook advertising tool when you connect your Facebook business profile to your Instagram account.

In this way you can reach more users and your number of followers increases. However, it is important that the images you post are of good quality and that they represent your product or service well.

In addition, the links should lead to a landing page that is purely designed to sell the product / service, because people who click on it are already “hot” prospects, businesspally CEO advised.


Facebook’s partner platform continues to grow and currently has over 1 billion active users worldwide. Out of these one billion users, more than 20% follow at least one company, as many companies already use this platform to advertise with their pictures and videos.

Facebook is currently the biggest text based social networking platform, although you can now post videos on the platform.

It is used by all categories of business since the network is big, you will definitely find your target audience in millions irrespective of your industry or products.


Young people with an educational background and journalists are particularly active on Twitter to interact with other profiles.

The platform gives you the opportunity to express yourself in short texts, videos and pictures and to react to contributions from other users.

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is one of the top instruments for social media marketing and the resulting increase in sales., Techpally affirmed when interviewed last week.

Twitter has 336 million monthly active users, 80% of whom use the mobile application.

How can you use Twitter?

As with Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also has the ability to promote your tweets and even your profile.

The platform gives you the opportunity to set various options for specifying your target group.

In this way, you can also explicitly reach the people who come into question as customers for your company, and increase sales on ecommerce when they’re guided in their decision making to purchase products.


LinkedIn is a professional network. What I mean here is that, most people who refused to register an account with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is a network where people show their professional skills, strategies, breakthrough rather than posting photos of family or catching fun.

Since its inception, it’s still the number one social network to get professional job.


YouTube is the biggest video social media network. It was develop by a tech and internet giant, Google.

YouTube is good for learning things you can practise on your own. You can use this platform to teach your targeted customers on how to use your online store, make order, reach our for a support ,use your product and other tutorials.

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