Time To Improve The Indoor Lifestyle Of Your Pet

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The most amazing way you can keep your pet loved is once you start making them comfortable and happy in the homely environment. A happy pet gives you back an equal amount of joy but providing the right comfort to them can turn out to be a tough call at times and especially during the peak summers or winter months.

Just like us, the temperature change can play an impactful role on our pet animals and once the weather conditions become extremer, your pets start feeling discomfort if not given the topmost priority to take care of them by installing a heating device or ducted aircon Sydney.

What are the top 3 factors affecting them during the weather change?

Their Size:

Small-sized pets are bad at retaining heat in their body because of a higher surface area to volume ratio. Whereas, with the large-sized pets, it becomes easy for them to retain the heat. Understand these things and take measurable actions accordingly.

Their Cost And Thickness Of It:

Your pet whether it is a cat, hamster, or dog may have thick and long fur coating which makes them effective in staying good in the cold season compared to the one who has thin coats. Thick coat pets prefer to stay in the cold comfortable temperature and they can’t tolerate outside heat from the weather change since it is well retained in their body.

Their Body Weight:

The weight of their body plays a significant role in controlling the temperature and the sensitivity towards it. The overweight pets will stay good against cold due to their thick coatings and vice versa.

Should You Keep The AC Turned On For Your Cat?

Since air conditioning has a huge impact on your monthly electricity bills which makes it a tough decision whether you keep it running in your absence or not. Well, at times you have to keep an eye on the condition of the weather indoors and make sure that your pet is feeling comfortable.

This is important because you don’t want your dog or cat to stay locked up inside all alone and suddenly the temperature of the house becomes very hot, which might cause serious problems for them.

If you have a pet who have long fur and thick coats, you should keep the AC set at a comfortable temperature, and apart from the make sure to keep in mind a few factors which can make your air conditioning Sydney running perfectly:

Keep Up The Cleanliness:

Having a pet means you will be taking care of fur and dirt most of the time and there is no substitute for that. However, this is not a good thing for your cooling system since it can make it clogged and filled with debris.

Make sure you are keeping the system free from any dander or pet hair by scheduling a regular dusting and vacuum cleaning of the entire home. Keep the allergens, pet hair, and dander away from the cooling system and the only place they belong to is the dustbin otherwise it will get overloaded and stop working.

Change The AC Filters Timely:

Make it a habit to change the air filters regularly. It should be done at least five to six times in a given year which can increase in the case of owning a pet. During the changing, you can notice that your filter would be filled with pet hair along with other particles such as dander or dead skin cells.

A changed filter will make sure that it lifts the entire ambiance and provide an efficient cooling experience since the clogging was making the cooling system work harder for pushing out the fresh cooler air which was not running up to the mark.

Clean Up The Entire AC Vents:

Once you are done with the air filters, it is time to move onto the air vents and scheduling it the same as you were doing with the air filters. Doing this will help in improving the efficiency of the cooling system and maintaining the desired environment to keep your pets happy.

Grooming Is Essential:

Having a clean, groomed pet with trimmed fur will promote the cleanliness of the home and the indoor air stays fresher. You can also opt for pets who shed pretty less but if you already a long fur pet then grooming him will keep the filter and ducts clean-up to some extent since pet hair is one of the major reasons for the clogging of the air filters of your air conditioning system.

If you are unable to do the grooming by yourself, you can take them to the nearest pet care for the same and keep your cooling system safe from clogging. Daily, you can do regular brushing of your pet which they obviously will love and it gets the job done for you as well.

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