Pros and Cons of Dieting

Pros and Cons of Dieting
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Nowadays, because of the mixing of different cultures, many dishes emerge, evolve, and changes its form every other day. When Chinese foods come into Indian platters we make give it an Indian twist. If you are fond of reading the latest health and fitness news you might be aware that how different dishes are transforming themselves when getting caught in different hands of different regions. In social media we see and read different food articles where dim sums are changing their forms into tandoori momos, Italian pizza is getting cooked in makhani styles, and many more. With this process going on, we lose our watering tongue to control ourselves from those delicious and newly evolved dishes. But having said that, we face many lifestyle diseases like obesity, Diabetes, Blood pressure, hypothyroidism, etc. To get rid of all the diseases or take precautions people choose to diet.

So here we will discuss the pros and cons of Dieting.

Pros of Dieting

    • If you are not someone living under a rock for the last couple of years, then you would have definitely heard about different diet programs in the latest health articles, like Intermittent Fasting, Keto Diet Programmes, Vegan Diet, Low carb diet plans, the paleo diet and etc. According to the normal body type, when we change our diet plan our body starts adopting the type of food we take, and according to the respective timings we are in-taking the food. Because of the highly responsive nature of a normal body type, we will start observing differences in a month or a few.
    • Foods that are high in saturated fat, high in carbs have the least chances to get digested properly in our system. Also, the more will be the fat content, the tastier the food will be. When we see delicious food we automatically get hungry and as result, we end up doing binge eating. But in dieting, we become careful about what to eat, in what much proportion we are supposed to eat, and when to eat. Since we restrict the quantity of food we used to take earlier, we have decided the intervals of eating and also we have decided on the type of food we should avoid, our internal digestion system gets relaxation from digesting complex food items every single moment.
    • Since our body has always been used to be habitual of digesting complex foods at short intervals, when we diet it, it starts breaking the stored fat in the body. This process helps in curing obesity, diabetes as it balances the release of insulin in our body and also controls our blood pressure as we restrict the unhealthy foods from our daily diet.

Cons of Dieting

    • As everything in the universe has two sides that are advantages and disadvantages, similarly dieting also includes two sides. In normal body type diet is an effective way to reduce weight and cure many health problems. But if we are not aware of our body and its deficiencies then it could lead to severe non-curable health diseases. For example- If you have a slight tendency of low blood sugar and you don’t know about the problem. Facing weight issues, you restricted sugar intake in any form. Now, you have added fuel to the fire, so the health problem which uses to be a slight tendency will become a permanent health issue.
    • Initially, people choose a way of eating, in a proper manner by reducing unhealthy foods, eating in small proportions, and eating at the right intervals. But as soon as they start seeing the results and speed up the process they start increasing the pace of dieting which results in nutrients deficiency in the body.
    • Many people start starving themselves but can’t continue the process lifetime. Since our body has adapted the way of digesting a small quantity of food and resting for more than the needed hour when way starts eating normally our body can’t digest the foods properly and the particles get stored in the body as fat cells resulting in an increase of weight than before.
    • In the low Carbs diet, at the initial stage when we diet we lose some muscle and water weight which makes our body look slim, after achieving that slim look people again go back to their earlier lifestyle and start gaining the water weight which makes them look bulkier than before.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is before choosing a diet plan for you to visit a medical practitioner and consult about your issues and further actions. According to the latest fitness articles, you must always choose a well-balanced diet for yourself and must practice some kind of physical activity. You can also eat junk or fast foods by controlling the proportion and timings of it. For example, for the entire weak you are taking a balanced diet and doing all physical activities simultaneously and at the weekend you can go for any fast or junk food. Do everything till the time your body allows, but don’t overpower your needs on the needs of your body.

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