5 Reasons for Second Hand Jewellery Purchase

Second Hand Jewellery
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If you could buy new pieces, you may be thinking, why bother buying second-hand jewellery, so here are our top five advantages to buying second-hand jewellery, along with some tips and advice.

More sustainable is second hand; more sustainable is

It can be reassuring to know that buying second-hand jewellery is a very sustainable choice when we become increasingly aware of our world’s effect. Prolonging the life of a second-hand piece ensures that it is not going to waste the energy and money used to produce it. It also means that the market for new jewellery does not contribute to your money. Buying second hand is a perfect way to indulge in exquisite jewellery while keeping your conscience intact if you’re worried about where their money goes.

You have a piece of history you can own.

There would be a history of a piece of second-hand-jewellery – it might even be older than you are! Many people prefer to enjoy the life and times that have been seen in their antique piece and the memories that have been brought with it. Maybe it was a glamorous socialite who owned your cocktail ring, or maybe your locket was once a gift from one sweetheart to another.

Some beautiful styles that were common in years gone by can also be found and preserved to be enjoyed by future generations. The Victorian era, for instance, saw a whole host of love trends in jewellery. In second-hand collections, you will find examples of these styles and give them a new lease of life – maybe you’ll even put them back into fashion!

Great value concerning capital

It will decrease in value over time when you purchase some new object. When it comes to vehicles, most individuals are familiar with this idea – a car’s value decreases drastically year-on-year. This makes it easier to value second-hand jewellery than new pieces. If you spend the same money on a brand new object, you’ll be able to afford a piece of jewellery with higher-value metals and gemstones second-hand than you would.

Jewellery, however, is unique in that the products hold intrinsic value. So, it’s impossible to depreciate further after brand new jewellery loses its initial value.

More exclusive items you’ll find

It’s doubtful that you would find someone else sporting the same items as you if your jewelry was produced in decades gone by. Jewellery was made in much smaller batches even a few decades ago than it is now, which means it is harder to find an accurate copy of a piece of older jewellery. Buying second-hand jewellery in this way means tracking something distinctive to represent yourself. Another part of this is that jewellers can afford to take more chances with style when jewellery is manufactured in tiny lots. This implies that in second-hand jewellery collections, you will also find very ornate and intricate designs.

Materials of good quality

The test of time has stood by second-hand jewellery. This implies that you will buy that your jewellery is composed of heavy materials with peace of mind and was designed to last.

You can also find valuable minerals such as yellow diamonds and items made from 22-carat gold in second-hand collections. Another instance is that antique cameo jewellery is mostly made from materials such as seashells and agate. In contrast, modern cameo jewellery is likely to be made from materials made by man.

Advice for second-hand jewellery purchases

    • We have a few ideas to help you find your dream piece of jewellery if you’re ready to buy second-hand.
    • Read-up on and how to recognize hallmarks. Hallmarks are metal certificates from which a piece of jewellery is made. There are currently four assay offices in the UK, but hallmarks can characterise older jewellery from now-closed assay offices.
    • Get a sense of the demand so that you know how much you can spend. By shopping around being aware of current market rates for various metals, stones, and models, avoid falling foul on overpriced products.
    • Do some study on your favourite models and how they can best be found.

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