In Andaman, There Are 11 Places to Visit for Honeymoon

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Andaman is a stunning Indian archipelago that has some of the most romantic spots in Andaman to discover. Keep scrolling down to take a look! Take a look at these spots you should not skip on your honeymoon to Andaman.

  • Havelock Island
    Popular for its dive sites and beaches, Havelock Island is the perfect place for couples to spend their time. It has thrilling activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and so on. If you’re seeking a relaxed honeymoon also, Havelock is the perfect destination. It is home to one of the gorgeous beaches to relax and unwind.
  • Neil Island
    Neil Island is the epitome of natural beauty. The stunning island surroundings are idyllic. The beaches with white sand are the perfect place to take walks with your loved ones in the evening. The waters are tranquil and clear, and one can swim and dive. Have a candlelit dinner at the beach or arrange romantic dates for the perfect wedding in Andaman on Neil Island.
  • Little Andaman
    Little Andaman is another beautiful island worth visiting on the honeymoon of 2021 Andaman. You can enjoy a relaxing time with your spouse on the idyllic beaches of the island. The resorts along the sea are stunning and offer all the luxury. It’s a wonderful getaway to enjoy a romantic Honeymoon in Andaman.
  • Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
    It is regarded as one of the most romantic honeymoon spots In Andaman; Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is a turtle nesting ground. The ideal time to visit this sanctuary is between October and April. You will be able to see Olive Ridley turtle, Hawksbill deer, spotted deer, and Leatherback turtles in this breathtaking Cuthbert Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Samudrika Marine Museum
    The museum is situated near the Andaman Teal House. Samudrika Marine Museum is among the most popular tourist destinations for marine enthusiasts of all kinds. The museum is created to raise awareness about marine life. The museum is a great place to observe corals, cells, and a variety of colorful fish.
  • Port Blair
    Scenic BeautyPort Blair retains its charming charm, capturing the finest aspects of its time in the British Raj, and is one of the top destinations to be in Andaman to honeymoon. Tours for the day trip into marine and natural parks and luxurious resorts on the beach within Port Blair are hot picks for couples on their honeymoon. The sunsets and sea views are stunning, and there’s a lot of tourist sights to see. Live music nights provide a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy a romantic dinner. Cellular Jail tour and light and sound show is an absolute must-see.
  • Little Andaman: Exquisite Retreat
    There are plenty of things to do for honeymooners. One hundred twenty kilometers away from Port Blair, Little Andaman is a relaxing retreat in the southern part of Andaman. These offer stunning views of nature comprised of waterfalls, rain forests, creeks, and gorgeous white beaches. Little Andaman is beautiful and has many surprises.
  • Ross Island: Historical Remains
    Ross Island is a significant historical tourist attraction that was initially created as a penal colony by the British to penalize those who took part in the rebellion of 1857. Ross Island has since been an important tourist spot that draws thousands of visitors who travel to pay tribute to those that shed their blood in the struggle for freedom.
  • Great Nicobar Island
    One of the biggest islands of the Andaman and Nicobar, Great Nicobar Island, is the home of a stunning natural ecosystem. The island is accessible only to Indian tourists and provides the exotic location for couples on their honeymoon. It is also a must to go to Indira Point as well. Indira Point is among the top places to go on the island. Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve on your journey to Andaman honeymoon destinations.
  • Kaala Pathar Beach
    If you’re seeking tranquility and peace, go to this Kaala Pathar beach, which is dotted with greenery as well as tiny islands. Enjoy the breathtaking blue waters and enjoy an afternoon with your family and friends. There are numerous places to picnic where you can create a lavish buffet. The beach is lined with restaurants.

Elephant Beach
This beach is filled with breathtaking marine life and lively coral reefs worth exploring with your companion. It is possible to go on an adventure in snorkelling or dive with scuba divers and take in the amazing underwater world. Take a thrilling trip with the sea and nature.

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