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It is just that we all are stick in the same dilemma of finding a perfect gift for the person that is the love of your life and finding a perfect gift for that person is hard but you don’t have to worry as we are there to save the day. If she is far from you in another city then you can always send flowers to Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and various places that are there.

Now, the birthdays are relationship makers or breakers, you should always think about the gifts that you are planning on giving them, also plan on a good budget. Save up money if you can and plan it all for them in a perfect way. Remember wishing birthdays is easy and is don’t by everyone and they must be used to it by now but making the birthday memorable is just rare and is done by few. Your main aim should be to make a birthday memorable and this can be only done by you. When the relationship begins, we just think about what can we gift them as there are many options to choose from and when we are on the point of the relationship where we have spent a lot of years then also, we are confused about what can we gift them. it is all about the imagination as there are many options that you can choose from.

Here are the options that you can consider:


This is another perfect way to surprise your significant other as a gift does not have to be just a gift it can be more than that. this is something that you can always go for but what you need to realize is that you should not go wrong anywhere as it will surely lead to future guilt trips. Remember to invite all their relatives and friends, you can invite your friends as well but you need to know that there is a person who needs to be in the spotlight today. Plan it all before weeks as this needs step by step planning. You should take the help of others as well to make it all happen and book the venue according to the number of people that are coming and always have enough food supplies for the ones that are there.


The midnight surprise consists of online flowers and the cake; if you wish to surprise them then you can always go for the flowers from the best florists in Bangalore and just see them spellbound in the middle of the night.

For the relationship, we prefer red roses to surprise them but if you are not able to find them then you can also go for carnations and red tulips fill with the passion and when we talk about the cake then you can always go for the red velvet cake and the chocolate cake but remember that you should always be considerate of their personal choice.


Fragrances are perfect when it comes to choosing a gift. Just lookout for a fragrance that they would always want and the brand that they are looking for as well, they will be more than happy to get it for you as the fragrance will just remind them of you.


These are another way of showing your love and consideration and that is through the personalized gifts that you have. You can always get them a photo frame and put your best picture in it. You can also get them a personalized t-shirt which will just remind them of you. After all the love of their life game them this beautiful gift.


If they are planning on visiting a country or a city then you can always take them there as it will just be a small escape from the routine and the best way to get a vacation as well. Just don’t tell them as yet, on their birthday surprise them with some flowers and tickets and ask them to pack their stuff as you both are going on a trip to their favorite place. They are surely going to have a million-dollar smile.

You can always order flowers from bloomsvilla.com as we have a massive collection of beautiful flower arrangements, you can also go for the christmas cakes online, chocolates, and teddy bears while wishing them a happy birthday. This will just add a little consideration towards the other person. If they have a bloom that is just their favorite then you can get them a customized bouquet as well and all that will be delivered to you on the same day if you want that, it is perfect.

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