10 Instagram Account Growth Tips

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1.Tell Your Story in a Bio

The first place to learn about you is your organic organics. Tell you what you do, love, passions, projects, or songs. Tell what you’re doing. Please add your full name and your website as well. Quirky sentences and characters are welcome!

2. Have a Captivating Profile Pic

I can say that the small profile pic means more than you would think every day after having spent countless hours on Instagram. If your profile looks colourful, fascinating and cool, you get my support. And if not, I’m not noticing that. This is Insta culture.

Instagram has more mentality to ‘take or leave.’ You will not be taken by people if you don’t “look cool” or interesting. What’s the storey’s morality? Take a shot with a sweet profile and your personality is well lit.

Each Instagram feed is distinct and unique. There are many photography patterns that usually work well. Test various photo styles with your followers for some time and see what’s going well and not. It’s always worth getting into the platform and testing every audience is a little different!

Are you curious to know which pictures have been good? See the number and quality of the comments comparatively. The more the photo was appreciated by the audience. In my account, I will take this feedback and create more photos that are very similar to pictures that I like.

Here are some photo ideas you can include. Just think about creativity and expression!

Food styling, top-down shots

      • Picture or artwork
      • Cafes, refrigerators, restaurants.
      • Portraits of portraits
      • Selfies (not too many, but sometimes selfies)
      • Exploration of Nature
      • Behind the pictures
      • Photos which are fun, enjoyable and inspiring

3. Test Your Photos

After all, Instagram is a platform for photo blogging, so count the photos!

On my Instagram feed, I tested many different photo styles to see what my crowd liked the best. The image below is one I took randomly and didn’t know what it was going to do. I know more than 200 people will love it later and often use the top-down food shot in my gallery now.

4. Follow Back and Give First

If you want to increase your audience and build your brand, you have mutual respect. Attention is the most useful resource and you get attention and respect from your audience by giving it attention and respect.

Keep up with the people and compliment them.

Give favourites and hearts freely if you see a photo or account you like. They are congratulations. Send some love if you see a great picture. You may be surprised at the amount of traffic you get to your account by giving favourites and comments first.

5. Use Traffic-ed Hashtags

Don’t worry about your own hashtags when you’re young. (Most people like a hashtag “own”) but this is not the purpose for which they are. The hashtag is available on Instagram for people with similar interests to search for and discover other stories and photos.

You can use popular hashtags to find your pictures natively. It’s unlikely you will be found if you don’t use hashtags. Look for popular Insta Tags and use some tags in your comments and descriptions.

Here are some excellent tags I used:

#instalike #nycprimeshot #postthepeople #vsco #vscocam #selfie #me #instagood #instalike #instalike #nycprimeshot #postepeople

6. Give Shout Outs and Re-grams

Include them on your Instagram if you meet people that are great. I want to create photos from my feed which give other Instagrammers screaming out. I will, for example, take a picture of a friend’s work(@loveless_designs) and include it in a coffee shot and give it advice and credit and tag it in the picture (shown below).

There are awesome photos on Instagram that you may curate and re-gram if you are looking for great content to post. Make sure you loan the original creator for them in the photo and tag. This can increase your own supply and bring the person you “re-gram” to your attention.

7. Make it Native

Instagram is about providing its audience with entertainment value. Create feed to speak with the audience natively. People look at followers on Instagram of a person for inspiration, travel, food photographs, and lifestyle experiences. Make sure your Instagram transmits a particular way of life and even “behind the scenes” of your everyday life. If you are hard at work, this may mean leaving some of your photographs out.

8. Be Active

SOCIAL media is Instagram. So be social! So be social! I promise you will achieve results if you go in and talk to your followers and others with similar interests. In fact, I go through and thank everyone in my account personally. As a result, many will return to my account, comment, and talk to me!

This small move to build a community with my fans leads to more involvement and the traffic of web pages.

9. Explore Insta and Comment

Exploring and commenting on photos in other galleries and feeds. Give people and accounts who create great content compliments and value. It’s all about what’s going on.

Would you like more comments and commitment to your account? Then give the others comments and commitment. Another bonus is that you get exposure to others who watch the post when you comment, and some of them check out your account.

10. Strive for Excellence

Even though you have an excellent audience, ask yourself, following or lovely feed, “How can I be any better? “Or ‘how can I add value? “You can always make more lovely photos and connect more deeply with your audience.

Take the time to improve each photograph, description, and comment. Connect more frequently and deeper. You can surely be impressed and connected with more people when you strive to be better every day.

Want more resources in social media? I just give out to companies and blogs a package of free social media strategies.

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