Tips to Improve Cannabis Bud Quality

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With the market for commercial and medical Marijuana being at an all-time high, many people are looking for tips on improving the bud quality. Whether you’re looking for improved quality on a personal scale or whether you want to do it for a commercial venture, growing good quality buds is a satisfying and rewarding process.

What Constitutes a Good Bud Quality?

A good bud quality essentially means weed with a smooth texture, potency and offers the “high” associated with good Marijuana. When it comes to a good quality bud, the focus needs to be paid on the cultivation stage. With the proper lighting and good quality of seeds, growing your next plant to produce perfect quality buds is not far from reality. 

Steps to Keep in Mind for Good Bud Quality 

Now that you’ve decided to cultivate your plant to produce high-quality buds, it’s essential to follow a disciplined routine that will help you get the results you desire. 

  • High-Quality Seeds– Goes without saying, purchasing high-quality seeds with proper care would result in high-quality plants. You might be fairly experienced with growing Marijuana, but you can’t make a plant outweigh its genetics. Thus, it’s important to find a reliable seed bank and look for high-quality seeds. Combining high-quality seeds with proper care would ensure you produce great quality buds perfect for smoking with your friends or selling them off commercially. ILGM marijuana blog discusses many different seeds and their genetics, which help you determine perfect seeds for you. 
  • Temperature Control- Cannabis has a wide variety of strains; thus, the requirements vary depending on the plant. However, as a general rule, plants require an adequate supply of heat. The temperature varies from day to night. Humidity is another important factor, especially when growing plants indoors. Too much humidity can cause issues of bugs, whereas too little humidity can cause spider mites. Thus, it becomes important to maintain a perfect balance on the humidity scale. 
  • Lights- Nothing determines the future of your plant as much as good lighting does. With the improvement in technology, lighting has become advanced with LEDs which popularly provide high-quality lightning without heating up too much. Lighting also depends on whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. Thus, reading up on the kind of plant and the environment makes a big difference. ILGM marijuana blog discusses various kinds of lights and helps you decide the best light for your plant.
  • Nutrients– A good cultivation process requires proper care. One such way to care for the plant is by supplying the plant with adequate nutrition. The flowering stage of a plant requires nutrients like Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. While Nitrogen is required on a lower scale, there’s plenty of Phosphorus required to ensure your plant grows to its maximal potential. 

ILGM marijuana blog has various sources to teach you the perfect process to cultivate your plant. It has an active user community ready to help you out with any query. Growing a perfect bud at home now isn’t a distant dream. With the right seeds and proper care, your next plant will provide the best bud quality. 


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