Instructions- How To Tie A Necktie

How To Tie A Necktie
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Are you also struggling to knot the perfect tie? Having a tie perfectly knotted is one of the big achievements for all the men around the world. Sometimes even most men avoid wearing ties as they are unable to do it correctly. However, all of them want to wear it since it looks dashing and increases their overall personality. Don’t worry; you just need to follow the following instructions or ways to have your necktie ideally. 

Before we dive into the ways, it is essential to understand the most important knots all ties has:

    • Four-in-hand knot
    • Half Windsor knot
    • Full Windsor Knot

All these knot types have a few similar and different features. 

Let’s have a look at all of them one-by-one:

Four-in-hand knot

You may call it a schoolboy or straightforward knot as it has the simplest yet stylish looks. This four-in-hand knot is best known to be worn with a narrow collared shirt. Moreover, it is best suited for men who wish to look taller. This four-in-hand tie looks attractive on men with shorter necks as it helps them to look taller. 


    • Small Size Knot
    • Semi-Symmetrical
    • Easy to tie
    • Suitable with Narrow and medium spread collar
    • Wearable on Work, Social Functions, Outings, and date nights

To know more, how to tie a tie, you can follow the instructions

Half Windsor knot

A tie with a knot of the singular triangle, and larger than four-in-hand and smaller than full Windsor knot is known as Half Windsor knot. It is best suited with medium or widespread collars as it has a thickness and average size. 


    • Average Size Knot
    • Almost Symmetrical
    • Quite Difficult
    • Suitable with medium spread collar
    • Wearable on Work, Presentations, and wedding occasions

Full Windsor Knot

We all may call it a grandfather of all the types of knots. It is one of the most elegant tie knots to be considered. It has all and some more features included from all the types of knots we read before, or we’ll read ahead. It increases the value of a wearer by giving an attractive and smart look. 


    • Larger Size Knot
    • Fully Symmetrical
    • Quite difficult to tie
    • Suitable with medium and wide spread shirt collars
    • Wearable on Work, Presentations, wedding occasions, formal events, black tie, etc.

Apart from these three, there are many more types of tie knots available across the world. Let’s discuss their basic features. 

The Shelby Knot

A mediator of four-in-hand and half Windsor knot.


    • Average Size Knot
    • Semi-Symmetrical
    • Easy to use
    • Suitable with medium spread shirt collars
    • Wearable on Work, Presentations, wedding occasions

Simple Knot

One of the simplest and easiest knot types. 

    • Very Small Size Knot
    • Semi-Symmetrical
    • Very easy to use
    • Suitable with Narrow Spread Collar
    • Wearable on Outings, date nights

Kelvin Knot

You can consider it almost similar to the four-in-hand knot type. It has almost similar features. 


    • A quite small size Knot
    • Semi-Symmetrical
    • It is easy to tie
    • Suitable with Narrow and medium spread shirt collar
    • Wearable on Work, Social events, and date nights


Undoubtedly, there is an enormous range of ties and tie knots available across the globe. However, finding the best suitable for you is one of the complex tasks to perform. If you have found your knot type, now it’s time to know how to learn the instructions to wear it. 


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