Tips To Place the Machine Embroidery Design Appropriately

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Once you have obtained the machine embroidery design, the next important step that you need to consider is the placement of your embroidery design. It is very important to properly place the embroidery design such as a Dallas cowboys embroidery design.
Proper placement of the design will give a professional touch to your project. If you want to ensure proper placement of the design, you need to learn to use paper templates and embroidery software. Here, in this blog, we will discuss all important things that you need to consider while creating a beautiful embroidery design:

Template Tips

If you want to ensure the proper placement of embroidery, paper templates play an important role. The full-size machine embroidery design is printed in black or white color. Usually, these templates are comprised of intersecting lines that will form the design justify.

Usually, templates include a collection of various designs in PDF file format. Some of the designs are comprised of pre-printed templates and you just need to cut them.

If your design collection is not comprised of templates, you should open your machine embroidery design in the embroidery digitizing software program. Now, start adjusting vertical and horizontal centerlines.

1. If the color of your design is light, you should consider changing it to black color. You should change this color to black to create a template. You should take a printout of the placement template to check the accuracy. You should pay attention to “scaling” or “print to fit page” in the print screen. If you are going to use the same design for enormous times, you should print the template a number of times.

2. You should cut the design and leave only a 1/4” border region. You can use the rotary cutter to make a small cut along horizontal and vertical lines. You should fold back two corners to create small triangle shaped openings.

3. You should use templates to determine the appropriate placement of the design.

4. If you are embroidering a garment, you should pin up the template on it. You should try on that item to make sure this design is visually appealing. You should keep adjusting the template until you get satisfactory results. Mark the justify of each design with the removable marker. Also, you should mark the arrow to determine the upper edge..

5. Finally, remove the template after completing the process.

6. If you are going to create more than one design on a fabric, you should mark numbers on the design and templates. Also, you should mark corresponding numbers on the garment over the centerline marks.

It is recommended that you should take a picture of the project for reference when you are using multiple embroidery designs.

Stitching Success

You should hoop the project with the stabiliser in such a way that entering one design in one hoop. You should align the upper-edge arrow with the upper-edge arrow of the hoop. If it is important for you, then place the place template over the mark on the garment.

1. Remove Template Before Start Stitching

First of all, load the design or embroidery fonts onto your embroidery machine. Now, use the edit features of the machines and move the position of the needle to the justify of the garment. Now, lower the position of the needle to double-check the placement of the design.

2. Start embroidering the design on the fabric.

You should keep excess of the fabric away from the needle. Once this design is complete, you should remove the fabric from the hoop. Now, repeat the process from another design.

Tight Spots

There are some areas in the garments like a collar, pockets, cuffs that are known as tight spots because creating embroidery design is very difficult at these points.

1. It is possible to simplify the embroidery process in these tight spots by creating a placement line. You can easily create a placement line with the help of digitising software.

2. Start embroidering design on these tough spots. Before that, you should scan these regions to make sure that the image is of the same size.

Load Intended Embroidery Design

1. You should pay attention to the top-stitching, seemliness, and various other important details. If you want to have professional design output, you should not place the design over the stitching area.

2. You should spray the stabilizer on the embroidery area with temporary spray adhesive. You should use the placement line as a guide and properly place the embroidery design. Press the embroidered design from the backside with the help of fabric to secure it.

3. Once this design is completed, you should return the hoop to the machines and start embroidering other designs. Keep repeating the process until all your designs are embroidered on the fabric.

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