National Public School ITPL – No. 1 Emerging School

National Public School ITPL
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Well – regarded for its modern approaches to education, National Public School ITPL offers the best academic environment. The school places holistic development of the students at the forefront of its educational experience. It inspires every student to discover and pursue their personal excellence. 

Ranking number 1 as the emerging School in Bengaluru, National Public school ITPL has proven itself to be one of the top picks for primary and secondary education in and around Whitefield and ITPL. The school has state of the art infrastructure, always emanating a positive learning ambience.The school building comprises a fluidic, modern, bright and open spaces with a lot of natural light, providing a safe and engagingsurrounding.

The academic programme in National Public School ITPL is the definition of progressive and hands- on- instruction. The school is a hub to a vibrant teacher community who are future-focused. They are professionally trained to implement student- centric activities which build on the students’ skills, interests and needs. As part of the learning process students immerse themselves in engaging and mind stimulating tasks, encouraging them to be independent thinkers.

National Public School ITPL’s rigorous academic programme is complemented by its co-cocurricular activities, influencing the children to innovate and be creative. Students involve in creative thinking, collaborate, solve problems together, engage with each other and with technology. Apart from academic curriculum, the special assemblies, the Literary club, the MUN club and the Eco Club give opportunities to the students to learn how to apply their talent in order to solve real world problems. They are made aware of their roles and responsibilities of being part of a society. They learn ways to be competent and happy in today’s changing world. 

With only the best to offer, National Public School ITPl, has become the most sought-after school in this part of Bangalore. 

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