5 Things to Justify the Selection of Education in Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is a new field in India. It is an innovative and new field not just in India but also across the world. The study is a mixture of computer science and engineering that deals with the creation of robots and other machines that can work and react like humans. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Chatbots, phones, and televisions with voice recognition features, automated homes that react to certain commands, etc. are some of the examples of AI. Candidates with high aptitude in mathematical logic are most suited for this course. Programming language knowledge is essential for doing well in this field. Few universities offering M.Tech Artificial Intelligence in Kolkata, JISIASR is one of them. There are also many free online courses available in this field. Visit the Website and apply now if you want to pursue AI. If you are still confused about pursuing AI then visit here to explore the 5 things to justify the selection of education in Artificial Intelligence. 

Day to Day Application – 

Designing the methods for automation by using learning and perception is a common phenomenon in our everyday life. AI to reduce the barriers in a day to day life. Its biggest example is a smartphone, by which we are using AI indirectly every day. AI is also there to help us in long drives and trips in the form of GPS. For social media users, the artificial intelligence identifies and detects the person’s face and tags the individuals while posting the photographs on social media sites. AI is broadly utilized by the financial institutions and banking sectors to organize and manage data. Used in the Detection of Fraud is one of the best and most important advantages of an artificial intelligence involvement in the smartcard-based system transactions.

Medical Applications – 

Utilization in the field of medicine is one of the greatest advantages of Artificial Intelligence. There are a large number of medical applications that are completely based on AI. Doctors secure the patient’s health-related data and examine the risk factors to the customers with the help 0f health care devices of artificial machine intelligence. It makes the patient aware of the side effects of different medicines. Currently, software to detect as well as monitor the neurological disorders is used widely in the medical fraternity, to simulate the functionality of the human brain. AI is often used in the treatment for mentally sick patients to come out from their depression, with the help of Robotics. Radiosurgery is another important application of artificial intelligence that helps to operate the tumors without damaging the unaffected surrounding tissues.

Reduction of Error – 

Interestingly, Artificial Intelligence helps for error reduction and increasing the chances of reaching higher accuracy. AI is useful in many typical processes like Exploration of Space, where robots are fed with information because of the velocity of the data creation. This information is used to explore space. Another example of AI machines that have reduced the possibility of errors to a pretty narrow margin is that today you can navigate your way flawlessly through a crowded street, even in a foreign country, by following the instructions of GPS in the car, and there would hardly be any possibility of error. 
Handling Repetitive Jobs – 
Tedious repeated jobs can be easily handled with the help of AI algorithms. These jobs don’t require much intelligence in the process as machines are much faster than humans and can perform multi-tasking for best results. Machine intelligence is used to carry out tasks that may be dangerous to the human involved in that. Whenever we use a machine for playing a game or running a computer-controlled robot, we are interacting with AI Machines. Gaming is one of the most common uses of artificial intelligence. In the computer game, the machine itself plays the game like an opponent based on our activity in the game.

Digital Assistance – 

Digital assistants will help to reduce the need for human resources. For AI Machines, emotions can not be identified in any case. Robots can not read the emotions as they are programmed to think logically only and take the right program decisions based on the data given to the machine. Sometimes this may be dissatisfying for the customer, not getting their emotions. In that case, human intervention is required.

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