Why You Should Choose BBA Course After 12th

BBA Courses
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Students often come across with the confusion as to what course would be the best to pursue immediately after Class 12th. This question needs to be answered carefully while keeping the following aspects in mind:

About BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration, popularly referred to as the BBA is becoming a good and lucrative career option after class 12th. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge to students in the fields of business administration. It also results in developing their business skills and market oriented approach after the completion of course. The purpose of the programme is to do the holistic development of students so that they would end up taking top leadership positions in big corporations and governmental organizations. Good communication, interest in problem-solving and an inclination towards teamwork and time management are some of the traits that can help a student to excel.

About BBA+MBA (Five-year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM))

Integrated course (BBA +MBA) is a comprehensive programme in management. This unique course created buzz around and is gradually getting a good response from students who are aiming for a management degree after class 12th. As the course puts extensive focus on management, it can make candidates set for managerial profiles. This course will help aspirants to increase the business skills along with some valuable expertise in the field of their choice.

Industry-Oriented Course with Great Exposure

The course structure of BBA is well drafted in order to shape the students according to the industry requirements and to the needs of the market by enhancing their Communication skills, Managerial skills, Entrepreneurship skills.

In the recruitment process, companies look for such qualities among them. BBA graduates also can do internships in corporations in order to gain exposure, experiential knowledge.

Great Foundation Course for MBA

BBA is a stepping stone to pursue MBA. By studying it, students acquire the knowledge of the basics of business administration, management knowledge and practical skills. By this they get a better idea how to explore MBA as a versatile career option, especially at the start, and this can work to their advantage. MBA degree can fetch the growth in salary and job prospects of a BBA graduate. It provides an edge over the others who joined MBA after graduating from different fields. It also builds an excellent base for pursuing MBA. While keeping above things in mind BBA Courses are structured.

Scope of Growth

BBA graduates will have good market exposure and relevant experience. They often prove them as a major contributor in the growth of the organizations. This increases their scope to climb up ladders quickly and become the team lead or manager in four to five years. Such BBA candidates can be further trained for various roles at mid-level and senior-level.

In terms of Job opportunities

i) Become an Entrepreneur- Major Students after completing their graduation in BBA decide to become An Entrepreneur. Due to the immense focus on the business, communication and leadership skills in their BBA course, they become capable enough to make his career as an Entrepreneur successful.

ii) Working in The Government Sector: Many reputed government competitive examinations like IBPS, SBI etc put emphasis on the knowledge of banking related things. After graduation in BBA, they can have an extra edge over the others in terms of skills and experiences.

iii) BBA graduates can do Specialization in Hospitality, Tourism Management, Risk Management etc. You can also be a Chartered Accountant.

iv) Students have the good option to opt for the college placement in order to gain practical knowledge of the corporate world.

As a good career choice and Job satisfaction

Choosing BBA as a career option after 12th gives a clear vision to the students to excel in the field of business management and administration. Plus, if they decide upon a career choice this early, it gives them an edge over than a vast majority of the population.
BBA also helps to keep aspirants ahead of the competition not only in terms of job position and salary but also in terms of future planning. The managerial skills learned during the course can also be used in the starting and developing the one’s own business. Thus, it is also a better choice of course for budding entrepreneurs.


BBA is such a course which requires sheer devotion and perseverance as it helps to sustain the candidates even in adverse situations. This is not only because of the versatility of skills which is inculcated and taught as part of the course but also because of the options that are available to students after BBA. Most of the students who have completed a BBA course have opted to take up a professional role in the various multinational organizations. A majority of the students is given job offers in campus placements itself.

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