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AWS certification
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An increasing number of employers today are looking to hire candidates with AWS Certification. The reason is simple. There is an increased demand for Cloud Computing Skills in the marketplace, and the only way to meet this requirement is by having multi-skilled employees. So in addition to your competence and a professional degree, having additional training of AWS certification increases your chances of being recruited by top companies.

A Glimpse of the AWS Cloud

All major tech giants, digital start-ups, and even government organizations are increasingly relying on Cloud Computing and Cloud Security for cost-optimization, efficiency, and enhanced competitiveness. Amongst the various Cloud Platforms in vogue today, the AWS Cloud (which stands for Amazon Web Services) is the most far-reaching, holistic, and extensively adopted across the globe. The reasons for its unmatched popularity are:-

  • Highly multi-functional, versatile, and flexible
  • Unmatched efficiency and ease of transition
  • Stringent security standards
  • High scope of innovation
  • Renowned efficiency and best ROI

Understanding what AWS Certification is all about

In a nutshell, AWS Certification equips you suitably to become an AWS Cloud Developer with validated Cloud Computing Expertise. Based on your course module, training duration and the exam that you choose to appear for, there are different AWS Certification Badges available.

LevelAWS Certification BadgeCourse DurationExpertise
1Foundational6 MonthsBasic Understanding of AWS Cloud Fundamentals
2Associate12 MonthsSound Knowhow of Troubleshooting and Implementation
3Professional24 MonthsExpertise in Design, Operation and Problem-Solving
4SpecialityDiffers for different sub-modulesSpecialized Experience in Chosen Domain like Data Analytics, Solutions Architect, Security, Advanced Networking, Machine Learning, Alexa Skill Building etc.

What can you imbibe from an AWS Certification Course?

When the extensively hailed and adopted Amazon Web Services or AWS develops Cloud Certification, the certification course is bound to offer a high degree of theoretical expertise, practical know-how, and cloud computing acumen to digital professionals. As seen in the table above, there are different levels of certification for students, interns and working professionals. Based on which AWS certification course you wish to pursue, you can acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to become a competent AWS Cloud Developer, AWS Cloud Architect, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Database Expert, Machine Learning Expert, Advanced Networking Specialty Engineer, and many more of such challenging and lucrative professional roles/responsibilities.

Explore the Key Benefits of AWS Training and Certification

  1. Makes you Future-Ready: As per current trends, Cloud Computing is all set to dominate the realm of Business Technology in times to come. With each passing day, more and more companies are transitioning to AWS Cloud, owing to the wide range of benefits as discussed above. Being an AWS-certified professional (such as an AWS cloud developer) or any other role that you are interested in, heightens your career prospects for sure!
  2. Learn while Working- As compared to the scope and benefits, AWS certification courses are reasonably priced. Also owing to the flexibility, you can easily take up a course, while you are still working. So this is an equally good opportunity for students, part-time workers/interns as well as full-time working professionals.
  3. High Demand in the Jobs Market- If you take a closer look at the jobs market, AWS professional job titles like ‘AWS Certified Solutions Architect’, ‘AWS Certified Developer’, ‘AWS Certified Sys-Ops Administrators’ are always in high demand. Even with a foundational certification, your resume will acquire the much-needed competitive edge.
  4. The phenomenal growth of AWS- Compared to other Cloud Computing Platforms like Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc, AWS has witnessed a phenomenal rate of growth and rapid adaptability. Becoming an AWS-certified professional will help you leap into the most lucrative job opportunities.
  5. Opportunity to Train- If you are interested in training, you can even collaborate to set up your own AWS Training Workshop. Many professionals who have undergone the highest levels (AWS professional and speciality certification badges), venture into training and development fields.


The realm of Cloud Computing and Cloud Security holds massive prospects for budding tech-professionals, and acquiring the necessary inputs from AWS certification training can boost your professional journey. To sum up, AWS Certification is a must for those who want to explore the realm of Cloud Computing, propel teams to attain high levels of innovation and efficiency, and chart the course of exceptional career prospects and growth.

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