Why Should One Opt For A Specialized B Pharma Degree

b pharm colleges in west bengal
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Pharmacy is a great career option that features a strong scope with many rewarding opportunities. It is one of the largest industries in India creating ample opportunities in the global healthcare industry. With this growing industry, opting for a specialized B Pharma degree makes up for a profitable career for college students. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharma) is a 4-year course that includes 8 semesters. There are many recognized B Pharm Colleges in West Bengal offering pharma courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Among the several colleges, Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology is one of the most renowned pharma colleges that you can opt for.

Here are a few reasons why one should opt for a specialized B Pharma degree:
1. You will able to work closely with patients
Once you gain your B Pharma degree, you’ll be ready to work in various settings. However, patients are going to be the first people that you will be working closely with. As a pharmacist, you will be responsible to work across different healthcare settings including ambulatory, inpatient, and community. There are numerous roles available for a pharmacist and they need to work in multiple settings involving people.

A degree in pharmacy will not only enable you to provide medicines but you will also be engaged in offering other services. You can provide your service in asthma care, cholesterol screening, vital sign monitoring services, smoking cessation consultation, diabetes disease management, bone density scans and more. You should immediately apply for admission in B Pharma course in order to gain the knowledge and skills applicable in the field.

2. You will be able to help people
Pharmacist plays an important role, is an integral part of the healthcare team, and helps patients to feel better. They ensure to make effective and safe use of medicines. Since pharmacists have a better understanding and knowledge about medicines, they are best prepared to make patients feel better about their situation.

3. Diverse career opportunities
The pharmaceutical industry has a range of job opportunities and an individual with a specialized B Pharma degree can have a successful career in diverse sector in the industry. You can avail career opportunities in scientific research, development, patient care and entrepreneurship. A pharmacist can avail a huge variety of job roles after B Pharmacy admission and degree completion from a reputed pharma college. Aspiring pharmacists can gather information by visiting the contact us page of the leading pharma institutes such as Guru Nanak Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology.

Retail Pharmacy in both healthcare facility and community is one of the most obvious choices for the pharmacists. Here, they provide over-the-counter and prescribed medications along with counseling to the patients. They can even take up jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, teach at university or conduct research.

Here’s how a list of careers that a B Pharma candidate can choose after the completion of the course:
• Community Pharmacists
• Hospital Pharmacists
• Hospice/Palliative Care
• Health-Care Administration
• Pharmaceutical Companies
• Production Chemist
• Medical Representatives
• Regulatory Affairs
• Scientific Writing
• Medical Scripting
• Clinical Research
• Pharmacovigilance

4. Opt for higher education
After acquiring the B Pharma degree, pharmacists can opt for higher studies such as M. Pharmacy, MBA, Law, Patent Agent etc. from one of the best B Pharm Colleges in West Bengal.

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