Can IGCSE Schools be Preferred Over Other Board?

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Every parent aims to give their child the best education facilitates. Schooling plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong foundation in the students and prepares them for their prospects. The course and curriculum is one of the major factors determining the quality of education and skill development programs provided by the institute to its students.

The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is counted among the top content-rich, certified programs created for preparing the students for advanced study to achieve great heights on the global platform.

IGCSE – An Overview
The IGCSE is an international academic qualification featuring a British curriculum like the GCSE. It is an English language-based exam assessed by the Cambridge Assessment International Education board.

The qualification facilitates students with selections of more than 70 subjects, which includes over 30 languages. The qualification is inclusive to students with different backgrounds. The best about this curriculum is that it allows them to study the course in their mother tongue.

How is IGCSE different from other GCSE?
Most people aren’t aware that IGCSE and GCSE are two different programs. The IGCSE curriculum is set in the international context, while GCSE’s curriculum is based more on the British context. Moreover, IGCSE offers a wide selection of subjects and languages, offering the flexibility of linguistic contexts.

Next, the major that differentiates GCSE from IGCSE is the practicality of the coursework featured in the exam. IGCSE allows students to opt-out of the coursework component as it is created for accommodating the accessibility of fieldwork and lab experiments in some contexts or countries. In addition, IGCSE may cover topics as per the subject requirements. Apply now at one of the IGCSE schools to benefit yourself with the world-class curriculum.

What makes IGCSE a better choice for children?
The best thing about IGCSE is that it is accessible to almost all students irrespective of their academic ability level. The exam patterns come with different difficulty levels. The best IGCSE schools in Chennai design them to meet the particular requirements of both academically bright and weak students.

The IGCSE is an ideal option because it is focused on the overall development of the children. Its curriculum is focused on nurturing the strengths of the children. The board’s unique pattern helps them to assimilate knowledge and demonstrate the same in the examination.

Another factor that stands in favour of IGCSE is that most UK universities consider IGCSE results (in case the student doesn’t have A-Level or IB Diploma results) for offering placement in the university. So if you are looking forward to pursuing higher studies in one of the UK universities, you should consider enrolling at an IGCSE school. Visit the website before enrolling your child at the institute to collect all the required information.

When selecting a school board for your child studies, consider the weaknesses and strengths of your child. Get a clear idea about their interests. Determine whether they can handle the pace required to cope with different tasks and subjects featured in the IGCSE curriculum. All these points are extremely important to find the right school board for your child.

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