Spring Allergies: Kill Them with Extensive Carpet Cleaning Method

Young woman cleaning carpet in room
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While spring will be here within a few months from now, start preparing to deal with the allergens which are common in the season. During this season allergen build-up can be easily found in the carpet fibres which become an annoying matter. Despite of daily maintenance, follow the mentioned steps to keep your room healthy and carpet free from allergens.

Vacuum and dust the carpet every week

Vacuuming is the most pivotal task to do once in seven days for keeping your carpet clean irrespective of its traffic. If the process is followed by furniture dusting then the allergens can be minimised to some extent. Most often household allergens use the carpet fibres as their breeding ground.

This procedure will not only keep the allergens at the verge of extinction but also allows you to breathy healthy, easy and live happily. Get a HEPA-filter equipped vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet for the eradication of bacterial, mould spores, dust mites, pet dander and pollen and dust build-up from the carpet.

Clean the carpet frequently

Often deep cleaning is advised by the professional carpet cleaners at least once a year. In case anyone of the family member is vulnerable to allergy (pet dander, pollen, dust mites and mould) then it should be performed innumerable times as per your requirement in a year. Now, you have to consider whether to choose professional deep cleaning or DIY deep cleaning for your carpet.

The only point you have to keep in your mind is DIY procedure can promote the unhealthy particles which will magnify the allergic reactions. Hence, it is always better to hire a London based carpet cleaning company as they can alleviate the risk of allergy exposure by leaving a clean carpet and healthy indoor air behind. 

Ensure proper and regular maintenance of the carpet

If you are prone to allergy leading to itchy eyes, rhinitis, eczema and asthma then additional care must be taken for destroying its colony. Allergens consider the carpet fibres as their favourite breeding ground. So, there is a misconception that by trapping the allergens into the fibres, carpet actually reduces its intensity of reaction.

However, this is not true as long as dust particles get trapped into it they will enjoy their settlement by becoming more powerful. Hence, the probability of the allergic reactions will increase significantly. So, during allergy season, the room along with the carpet should be vacuumed a couple of times in a week.

Make sure that you use a HEPA filter-featured vacuum cleaner as it is equipped with an allergen filter so that the allergens can be trapped efficiently. As a result, you can obtain a clean carpet with no dust and mites. Otherwise, there is still a pale chance of escaping of the allergens to resettle in your carpet again. 

Deep clean the carpets

Hire a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean the carpet resulting in complete removal of the allergens. This method is highly effective in cleaning the carpet by applying heat to kill the dust mites. In the end, you can obtain healthy indoor air with a clean, stain-free and odourless carpet.

Even this will assist in monitoring the humidity level of the room at the same time. Before you rent any cleaning machines, remember they are not so effective and can end up by contaminating the floor more.

Apart from weekly maintenance and vacuuming, professional cleaning is also very important. For that you have to hire a trustworthy and popular company of cleaning carpet in London. They make use of proper technology with non-abrasive product that is suitable to the carpet fibres for extensive cleaning.

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