10 Characteristics of Highly Effective and Thriving Transformational Leaders

Characteristics of Highly Effective and Thriving Transformational Leaders
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There are certain core characteristics that the majority of leaders possess. Leaders who have the ability to make an impact on organizational growth have certain additional characteristics that define them as leaders. These leadership traits and capabilities need to be honed and cultivated through the best training, mentoring, and skill development programs. The best transformational leadership training is provided to you by XLRI Jamshedpur.

Only effective mentoring can prepare leaders in a manner that an organisation’s growth is positively impacted for the following years. The program in transformational leadership from XLRI Jamshedpur equips its students with the skills necessary to plan ahead and strategize goals as a leader.

Core leadership traits include the following:-

    • Good judgement
    • Effective communication skills
    • Knowledge and competence
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Confidence

With these skills, you can inspire those you are working with or co-workers who look up to you as a leader. There are many more attributes and characteristics that need to be cultivated to get results. Once developed, these characteristics in a leader can transform a workforce. These characteristics are explained as follows:-

1. Leaders Practice Self-Awareness


With a deep reflection of who they are and how best they can utilize their strengths and hide their weaknesses, transformational leaders set their daily goals. Transformational leaders are always learning and improving and know that success requires a go-getter attitude.

2. Leaders Work Independently and Self-Manage


Transformational leaders know how to get the best results through an individual without depending on others. Their motivation comes from within, and their activities are not influenced by external parties. The best transformational leadership training in grain within you an attitude that allows taking the initiative in matters without looking for external support.

3. They Motivate and Inspire a Vision


Companies and organizations can only grow and succeed through collective effort. Success has to be a team effort, and transformational leaders are responsible for ensuring that everyone does their bit to achieve a particular goal. Transformational leaders must set a vision – establish core values and goals by acting in a certain way and ensuring that employees are driven to work towards emulating that value system. A transformational leader’s vision and enthusiasm must be contagious; employees are bound to get inspired and get on board.

4. Leaders are Adaptable and Innovative


Transformational leaders look forward and think forward. They aren’t afraid of change that can bode higher success for the company and heir team. They understand that accepting change is necessary to stay relevant and competitive in the market. Transformational leaders are dynamic and are perpetually prepared to learn. The best transformational leadership training teaches one that change is constant and keeping your mind open is the key to getting an edge over your competitors.

5. Transformational Leaders Build Networks


Transformational leaders know how to get the best out of their team. They build the necessary connections and network wherever they go, and mobilise those results to achieve company goals. Leaders can tap into everyone’s strengths and get heads together to accomplish a larger goal. They have the ability to see the bigger picture.

6. They are Proactive


Transformational leaders do not wait for change to happen; they take the initiative to introduce change. They are informed to make proactive decisions that set the guidelines for others to follow. Transformational leaders are not afraid to make bold choices, even when no one else has paved the path.

7. They are Open-Minded


Although transformational leaders are internally motivated, they keep their eyes and ears open and welcome new ideas with open arms. They also tend to accept the feedback and recommendations of teammates instead of jumping to conclusions.

8. They Build Trust and Authenticity


The fact that employees feel they can trust their leader to be authentic makes all the difference.

Transformational leaders establish an attitude of trust within their organizations. They quickly gain the unwavering loyalty of their employees or team members through their methods of accountability and by being approachable.

9. They Lead With Humility


Transformational leaders keep their feet in the ground and realize that they do not have the answers to all the problems. Without being autocratic, they believe in encouraging collaborations and working in unison. Leaders make it a point to work together with a diverse team of people they can trust and move forward. While they are humble, they believe in themselves and make those around them believe in their capabilities. This is how transformational leaders stand out and become venerable personalities. They keep their ego in check and never forget the bigger picture of fulfilling a company’s goals.

10. They Make Informed Decisions

Transformational leaders seldom shy away from challenges and tough decisions. They’re confident in their abilities to make informed choices and they stick to their vision to resolve any situation. They are non-compromising. Delaying difficult decisions or making impulsive choices can break a company, so this is one of the essential characteristics of being a transformational leader. The best transformational leadership training can teach you to make decisions constructively.

Transformational leaders embrace challenges. These habits and attributes are vital to the making of leaders and inheritors of organizations.

The Bottom Line

A program in transformational leadership XLRI Jamshedpur is a highly effective means to educate yourself in the art of transformational leadership. It equips you with the necessary skills and helps you build an intuition to lead and expand a company. It trains you to maintain the right temperament and the right attitudes to become a worthy leader and gives you a certification in the technicalities of being a transformational leader. To excel at being a transformational leader and lead your company to success, enrol in the best transformational leadership training at XLRI Jamshedpur.

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