How to choose your 3-wheel scooter?

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Above all, a scooter is a device that allows you to move faster in the city. A means of transportation that can save time by avoiding traffic jams and traffic jams. For some time, the manufacturer noticed that it was making a three-wheeled scooter with two front wheels and one rear wheel. This is to increase driver stability and improve handling on the road. However, not everyone is familiar with this type of scooter yet. There are already some in the current market. The reason could be the fairly high price and lack of diversity. So far, the two best manufacturers remain Peugeot and Piaggio.


For some reason, you may want to buy this type of machine. For this reason, we will introduce in some parts the selection of different types, characteristics, and some models of 125 cm3, 125 m3 models, or electric scooters.

We know it well, we are all looking for a rare pearl that is the ideal model. This ideal is always related to a good quality/price ratio. But above all, it must meet the criteria of our expectations and needs.

Types of 3-wheel scooters

125cc model


This type of scooter is ideal for use in towns and small towns. This is an entry-level model. The maximum speed of this type of vehicle is 90 km / h. The advantage of the three wheels is improved handling and a more efficient braking system. The feel is very similar to a four-wheeled vehicle. In addition, you can enjoy a wider seat, so you can use it more comfortably.


What we can blame for him is that despite its price, the top speed is not very satisfying and not enough to navigate the highway. Apart from that, the price is very expensive for entry-level machines, which averages between 4.000 and 5.000 euros. Adding this to all the maintenance required can be quite expensive.


3-wheel scooter 125m3


This type of three-wheeled scooter has the potential to drive on the highway. Actually, it is a better model than 125cm3. Therefore, it is more likely that you will drive at speeds of 100 km / h or more. Some models can reach speeds of up to 130 km / h. The seat and comfort are optimized for a comfortable driving experience. The three wheels provide excellent road retention and grip for added security. Therefore, the advantages of this type of three-wheeled scooter are stability, comfort, and power.

On the downside, the first thing I can mention is the really exorbitant price. If this is about € 5.000 for a 125 cm3 model, it can easily reach € 9.000 for a 125 m3 scooter. Apart from that, 3 wheel scooters consume more fuel and are less maneuverable than 2-wheel scooters.

Electric 3-wheel scooter

Finally, let’s take a look at this last type of scooter, which is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Therefore, scooters use the electrical energy supplied by a special battery. The maximum speed of this type of machine is typically 45km / h. For range or autonomy, it varies from model to model in the range of 20-50 km. This type of machine knows it’s very slow compared to the two models we’ve seen before, so it’s perfect for driving in the city. There is also a foldable electric scooter model to save storage space.

The advantage of this type of scooter is that it is clean and cheaper than the two types of three-wheel scooters. It costs about 2.000 euros.  Autonomy is very limited and charging time is very long, taking about 5-8 hours. Other than that, the seat is less comfortable than a 125cc or 3m 125 scooter. It should be noted that the instructions are always taken into account to avoid breakdowns and malfunctions.

Features of a good 3-wheel scooter


It depends on the model of the three-wheeled scooter and especially your budget. You can find a 3cc 125 wheel scooter from Yamaha. For other models from other manufacturers, you can also find more 400cc or 500cc scooters that are real racing beasts. You need to know that the higher the displacement, the higher the price. Therefore, I will explain the maxi scooter when the displacement is 125cc or more. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you choose a model of 125cc or less.

Brake system

For this type of tricycle, you need to know that the brakes are generally ABS. The braking distance is specially designed to be reduced by 20%. The advantage of having two wheels on the front is increased stability while riding. It also has good grip and road surface retention. It can be said that the brakes are more effective than this type of three-wheeled vehicle.

Trunk size

For three-wheeled scooters, the trunk is generally wider and can hold two helmets, a computer, and even more items such as maintenance and repair tools. This is practical for all trips that require the transportation of tools. The advantage of this is that you can travel long distances and short vacations where you may store your personal belongings or luggage without clutter.

Our selection of 5 best 3-wheel electric scooters

VELECO ZT63 3-wheel electric scooter

This 3-wheel electric scooter is ideal for people with disabilities and the elderly. Equipped with a 650W motor, it can reach a top speed of 25 km / h. The maximum distance is 50km. The maximum load supported is 199 kg. Its 12V 20 Ah lead-acid battery can be recharged in 6-8 hours. Two-seater seats, front and rear lighting, display screen, etc.

Electric Vehicles-Senior Vehicles-Electric Tricycles

The 3-wheel electric scooter is designed by the TMEC brand and is equipped with a 1800W motor. The body is made of high-quality material with a sporty design. The maximum speed is 25km / h.  It incorporates front and rear lighting systems. 12 V 20Ah battery that recharges in 6-8 hours. The maximum load is 160Kg. For finishing, there are two braking systems, electromagnetic brakes, and drum brakes.

 Electric Scooter 3 Wheels Moped Senior Handicap 900W


This electric scooter under the Véleco brand is equipped with a 900W motor. Its 48V, 4 x 20Ah lead-acid battery offers a range of 40-60km depending on the driving speed while traveling. The vehicle weighs 93 kg and has a maximum load of 160 kg. There is a seat for one person and a luggage room behind.

VELECO 3-wheel electric mobility scooter


This three-wheeled scooter model is still under the Véleco brand. The output of the motor is 1000W. The maximum speed is always 25km / h. The range is up to 60km. The electric scooter weighs 126 kg and the maximum load should not exceed 160 kg. 60 V lead-acid battery, 5 x 20Ah. 3-speed speed limiter, comfortable seat for one person, full light, etc.

VELECO 3-wheel electric scooter 1000W crystal

The maximum speed is the same as the old model with a speed of 25 km / h. The body is painted black. The brand claims that the material is environmentally friendly.  Maximum range 60km; The scooter weighs 126Kg and has a maximum load of 160Kg.

Three-wheel scooters for children seem to be all the rage for toddlers aged 2-5.

We tested the most popular three-wheeled scooters to see which version was best for us.

3-wheel scooter

Piaggio MP3 300 Sport


These new style three-wheeled scooters have been on our roads for over a decade, but they’re still a bit exotic and unusual.


Many of them can even be driven with a driver’s license (as long as they are 21 or older) and can even be good commuters and tourers.


The difference from traditional trikes of the past is that thanks to the clever suspension settings, it can be tilted and handled like a regular scooter.


This new blog looks at some of the best tricycles available in 2021, but it’s not just about leaving them alone. It also contains one wildcard for a special eighth entry that you’ll want to see someday. Year.

One of the new additions to the lineup, the new addition for Euro 5 is the MP3 300 Sport.

First and foremost, the most notable upgrade is the same 300cc engine found on the Vespa GTS, but with some tweaks to get more power.

That’s not the only improvement. This new model features an all-new visual design with a portion of the old bulk cut out, resulting in a more streamlined and agile aesthetic.


Then there’s Piaggio’s multimedia platform, which allows you to connect to your smartphone and provide a variety of useful features such as reports on the general condition of your scooter, maps, and details of your recent trips.


The MP3 Sport 300 can also be driven with a standard driver’s license, depending on your license qualifications. Treats like a twist-and-go scooter with quadrilateral suspension and can tilt like a regular bike, but with improved three-wheel traction and stability. The lock mechanism keeps you upright when stopped, and there is also a handbrake! Piaggio keeps guessing some details such as pricing, so we’ll keep you up to date when it’s released.

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