How do You Control an Electric Skateboard?

Control an Electric Skateboards
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Due to the benefits that come with an e-skateboard, it has been gaining popularity in recent years. But as it comes with several additional electric components, it is no wonder that they might cause one to have some pondering questions in his/her mind. Almost all the time one question takes the top place in this somewhat long list of queries about e-skateboards and that is, how does one control an e-skateboard?

Obviously, we are going to explore the answer to that in-depth, but for that, we have to understand the fundamental components and working principles of an e-skateboard.

What is an e-skateboard?

Pardon me for starting with this very obvious question. But it is necessary that we re-explore its answer before we proceed into knowing about the principle of controlling an e-skateboard.

best electric longboardAn e-skateboard is a regular skateboard (many times, a longboard) with a few extra electric parts, such as motors(an e-skateboard might have several of them), a speed controller, a battery, and most importantly, a remote control unit. Those extra parts don’t only provide new helpful features, they make skateboarding more fun!

If you haven’t tried an e-skateboard yet, you should collect one and experience it yourself. These motorized skateboards with control units are very good for learners and you can eventually shift into regular usage.

How does an e-skateboard work

An e-skateboard makes it very easy to ride by removing the necessity for kick pushing or speed braking using the foot. The most important parts that play the roles in controlling an e-skateboard are the motors, the battery, the speed controller and the remote control unit.


Motors are connected with the wheel. Motors are the most important parts of an e-skateboard as the acceleration/deceleration depends heavily on the motors. They are connected with the batteries and give a speed boost by using that energy when a rider decides to go even faster.


Just like the batteries from a thousand other electronic gadgets, e-skateboards batteries store energy for the motor. Different e-skateboards might have different types of batteries such as Lithium-Ion, Lithium Polymer, etc. So, as batteries involve capacity, the mileage becomes a reality, which denotes the distance the skateboard can go in one charge.

Speed Controller Unit

The speed control unit is perhaps the most important unit that distinguishes the e-skateboard from the good, old regular skateboard. The mechanism of a speed control unit is not that complex, it just controls how much power to feed to the motors.

Remote Control Unit

Remote control units enable the user to control the speed of the e-skateboard by choosing whether to accelerate or to put a brake on. Remote control units are generally connected to the Bluetooth-based transceiver units. The receiver receives instructions wirelessly and relays them to the control unit. Though some e-skateboard might come with no remote control unit. But then the designers have to resort to other technology such as speed sensors in order to provide control for accelerating and decelerating.

A short guide to controlling an e-skateboard

As we have discussed, most of the e-skateboard comes with an RC unit. So, you’ll get a wireless controller out of the box. It is important for a beginner to map and learn the controls and options available through the wireless controller.

When you push the power button/the button for acceleration and hitting them will provide a boost for the skateboard which makes kick pushing quite unnecessary.

After that if you feel like reducing the speed, push the button for deceleration.

It is important to know that some e-skateboards come without any RC unit. They rather use sensors in order to understand if you want to speed up or down.

Closing words

Controlling an e-skateboard is not complex at all, regardless of how complex its internal mechanism might be. You have to just know about all the available functionalities that come with the board thanks to the modern RC unit. Those features make an e-skateboard very enjoyable to ride. So, if you have been thinking about getting into skateboarding, this is your chance to explore and enjoy.


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