Best Homes For all Budgets in Coorg

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Green Glade Homestay – A Wandertrails Showcase

These homes in Coorg blends seamlessly with the plantations that surround it. Green Glade home has classical tiled roofs and a red floor complements the white surroundings. The wide-open verandah overlooks a beautiful garden.

Though simple in design, the rooms radiate a warm and serene ambience. The guest is a local family and offers a home for guests. Taste delicious Malabar cuisine with genuine Kodava dishes served in the kitchen. The family moved from Kerala, North Malabar. And so Malabar cooking is served in the homestay. Home-made desserts of agricultural fruits are served.

This conveniently located residence provides easy access to major tourist hotspots in the area. A number of places to visit during your stay in this property can include Talacauvery and Sacred Cauvery source, the Bagamandale and the Omkarezhwara temples, the Abbey Falls, and The Tibetian Golden Shrine.

There are many domesticated animals in the family home such as hamsters, rabbits, ducks, and hens. Feed many animals or go fishing in the lake in the afternoon. Green Glade offers an opportunity to explore Coorg’s hill station by its flavors and picturesque landscapes. In addition, experience the local people’s warm hospitality during your stay here. The home is a general example of Coorg’s best homestays.

Why should you stay?

      • The warm welcome and delicious food.
      • Spend time in a natural pond with or play with farm animals.
      • Situated for Coorg’s exploration. 

Things to do in the home

      • Talacauvery, Sacred Cauvery River’s Source, should be paid a visit.
      • Visit Bagamandala temples and Omkareshwar temples.
      • Enjoy the in-house animals.

Skanda Homestay – A Wandertrails Stay

This hostess is a perfect escape from the heat of the town, located in Thithimathi, a small village in Virajpet. Located in coffee plantations of 300 hectares, the property is perfect for families, pairs, and groups. In addition, you’re welcomed by the lush greenery surrounding the home. Include the friendly smiles of hosts that make you feel at home and in a family environment.

With rustic touches and all modern amenities, this homestay in Coorg offers well-maintained rooms. It is lit and ventilated throughout the property. The spacious and well-organized living room is an excellent place to hang out. During your stay, Save home-cooked Kodava food.

You can walk through the plantation and see how coffee is cultivated on one of Coorg’s best home stays. Cycle along rough roads or walk the nebulous mountains and feel an adrenaline rush. It’s also possible to try fishing or watch birds. Pass the nearby lake quiet evenings. Spend the cool night around a campfire at the end of the day.

Why should you stay?

      • A hundred years old Coorg coffee house in Coorg.
      • Fishing, planting, and birding activities activities
      • Comfortable Kodava food to enjoy

Things to do in the home

      • Explore coffee-growing secrets.
      • Experience your fishing skills.
      • Birdwatching option and exploring about 300 species of birds.
      • Have fun with your colleagues around a campfire.

Green Dreams – A Wandertrails Showcase

In Kushal Nagar, this farm is staying in Coorg. It is nestled in swathes of lush paddy fields, farms, and the mountains in the background. The household was designed with Eco-friendly principles. So you are staying in the property at Standard Cottage, made of bamboo and hay-toped roofs. In addition, aesthetics are perfectly blended with the natural environment. The kitchen and dining areas are furnished with wood logs to support the roof.

The hostess takes the opportunity to combine health and taste with fresh agricultural ingredients from her culinary expertise. And the body heals and works smoothly as a result. Guided walks through the farms provide sufficient insight into the terrace farming practises.

Rent a bike and visit the surrounding area. Take to the Kaveri Nisargadhama reservoir and the Tibetan Golden temple for a few tourist attractions. In addition, you could go beyond rural landscape as well.

Why should you stay?

      • Farm in the midst of swathes of agricultural land, against the background of the hills.
      • The rustic atmosphere, good hospitality and delicious cuisine from Malnad, Kerala & Kodava.
      • Nature walks, interactions facilitated to learn about agriculture and cycle trips.

Things to do in the home

      • Learn some practices in terrace farming.
      • Walkthrough the farm with guided nature.
      • Explore the rural landscape on a bike.
      • Visit the Tibetan Golden Temple, Harangi Reservoir and the Kaveri Nisargadhama. 

Turtle Pond – A Wandertrails Showcase

During a cycling trip an Estonian traveller loved this region and stayed for months. He came back to Coorg for a silent stay between his expeditions across India because he was so enthralled. He designed and built four cottages, using local craftsmen to provide travellers with a similar experiences. The cottages in Turtle Pond-A Wander-trails Showcase are now the attraction.

These designs are similar to the cottages in rural Estonia and northern Russia, with tiled roofs that, for example, have a complete wood finish. The cosy huts appear to be out of a fairy-tale. The atmosphere of the site provides peace and serenity.

On a cosy sit-out, which is ideal evening drink, you can enjoy your morning cuppa. The stay offers you all the necessary comforts. In addition to all facilities, if you like, you can hire a cook or ask the administration to prepare local cuisine.

These picturesque log cabins provide a calm and comfortable stay while you spend the day exploring Coorg’s delights in temples, slopes and more. The hospitality and the cooperation of the staff make the stay a more charming experience. In the huts in the wooden halls, this residence, one of the best homes in Coorg, is an eventful and unforgettable experience for your holiday.

Why should you stay?

      • Exotic and lovely wooden huts in Coorg in the midst of coffee grounds.
      • Designed with all basic but modern amenities for your comfortable stay.
      • The staff and the host’s warmth and hospitality increase the experience.

Things to do in the home

      • In the temples, discover Coorg’s delights.
      • The trail to the lush green grove.
      • Trekking, walking, etc. Adventures.

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