10 Wonderful Things to do on the Journey

10 Wonderful things to do on the journey
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Shack Up

Only when you decide to leave the luxury of hotels and choose one of the shacks right on the beach can the Goa culture image be achieved. Sit down on the beach and observe the world move slowly while sipping your beverages and gnashing the tastiest delicacies. If you’re here Beach shack, Palm grove, blue corner of Simons place, Zanzibar are the very few nice places.

Take the Mandovi River Cruise

The Mandovi River Sunset cruise is a wonderful way to spend an evening. It’s a wonderful way to watch the waters. A live band and dancers perform Goan folk songs and dances, sometimes animated and sometimes lackluster.

Discover the Goan Heritage

It is also a home with beaches, which recalls the Portuguese who ruled Goa, with beautiful, heritage buildings. The architectural style of those houses, villas, and historical houses is a combination of Indian and Portuguese styles. You will complete your visit to one of the mansions. These sites are part of ancient Goa.

Witness Turtle Nesting

The popular sea tortoises live in this state. This tourist country’s secluded beaches are the best places to gaze on the rare tortoise of Olive Ridley. The nests of those aquatic creatures are some of the beaches like the unexplored and calm beach of Morjim. Every year during the turtle breeding season between September and March the local people try to protect the sea turtles, its eggs, and the young ones.

Goa Dolphin Spotting

Many boat owners on many stretches of Goa’s beaches offer dolphin watch trips. Take a fishing boat trip and watch the dolphins feed early in the morning, as it is a great delight to watch these lovely living things in their natural habitat. October to May is the best time for those animals to watch in the wild. There are even many Dolphin Spotting Agencies that pay you if they do not find any Dolphin in the wild. The most famous beaches in goa include the Candolim beach, the Calangute beach, Palolem Beach, the Agonda beach, Miramar Beach, the Bay of Aguada, the Dona Pablo beach and the Grande island, among which are the beaches of the city of Palolem to the Vagator in the north of Goa.

Shop at the Anjuna Flea Market

This famous day time market is located near the beautiful beach of Anjuna with a mix of Cashmere, Gujarati, and Tibetan shops stands with clothes and jewelry as well as a variety of food stores. Held all over the coast every Wednesday, almost everything is sold.

Try the Goan Delicacies

Goa is one of the few places in India to mix its indigenous cuisine with foreign countries and the result turns out to be a complete flavor. Kulkul, rosomelette, Goan curry with Sannas can not be missed, pork vindaloo is all to eat.

Enjoy a Silent Party

You will enjoy it every Saturday night on the magnificent Palolem beach in the south or at the point of Neptune. This is a unique party experience. All party animals have wireless headsets available and you can switch between DJs, listen and dance the evening without anybody else’s disturbance. You won’t be able to hear anything if you remove the headsets. It is unconventional and it provides a place to visit and a party to remember because of its setting and its surroundings.

Spice Plantation Tour

A visit to any Goan spice grove is highly cool and refreshing for all the senses. During a tour of the Sahakari spice plantation, one can learn how local spices and herbs organically grow. Enjoy a Crocodile adventure while cruising along the Cumbarjua Canal on this private Eco-tour. You can also experience an elephant once in a lifetime, and even help you give it a bath.

Dudhsagar Trek and camping

The fifth-largest drop of water in India is Dudhsagar. It’s a quiet place that captivates and fascinates. It is close to the Goa-Karnataka border, between the stations of Collem and Castle Rock. The railway bridge, which forms a two-story visual treatment, is an exotic element.

It’s a place that’s all for a traveller. Perhaps, one thing that is great is difficult to identify.

Your time in Goa isn’t far, I hope. GO GOA, this month this year, this week!

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