15 Best Free Educational Websites Online

best free educational websites
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These days to learn something new or develop a new skill, you don’t need to go to an ivy league school. There are educational websites available online with many courses that anyone could use to learn something new. Learning online has many benefits compared to learning at school.

Even though there are a lot of educational resources out there, most of them are not free to use. And some courses and supplemental materials that some free educational websites provide are outdated. However, there are free educational websites that frequently provide course updates and supplemental materials to keep the students updated.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in and check out the best free educational websites available online.

1.Khan Academy

Among them all free educational websites, Khan Academy is one that everyone knows and uses daily. They have a vast collection of free course topics, from chemistry to web development. Unlike some websites, Khan Academy has a fantastic learning tracking system to keep you motivated throughout the course.


Partnered with universities and organizations worldwide, Coursera is on the way to making education more affordable for everyone. They also have a considerable course collection on various topics, and they also offer certificates for reasonable prices. However, for the students who can’t afford those courses, financial aid is available in almost every course.

3.Project Gutenberg

One of the most visited sites by students who are learning arts or similar subjects. Project Gutenberg contains a lot of old textbooks that could be downloaded as pdf or epub. Some books on Project Gutenberg are over thousands of years old.


Like Coursera, edX offers over 2500 courses for free from 140 institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, and Boston University. They also provide personal certification for more than 1500 courses for a reasonable price.


Most people prefer books for education rather than spending time on online courses. But most websites that allow free book downloads are illegal. Bookboon is one of the free online textbooks websites that is safe and legal to use. They offer over 1500 books for free on various topics.

6.Open Culture

Still, struggling to find free courses you want? Take a look at the Open Culture Online Courses website, which offers over 1500 free courses, lecture videos, and podcasts from institutes such as Harvard and Oxford. You can find a lot of courses for one specific area by just visiting this one site.


Unlike Coursera and edX, Udemy offers a vast course collection in many topics for free, which institutions and other subject experts created. Most of Udemy courses are not free, but they are also very much affordable. For someone who’s looking to take a few free courses and gain more skills rather than just a certificate, Udemy is the best website to check.


Unlike other free educational websites, Alison offers free certification courses and even diplomas for free on subjects such as business, technology, languages, and health sciences. However, compared to other websites, some of Alison’s courses are outdated.


The website is made for curious people who want to learn new stuff every day; TED-Ed mostly includes animated educational videos. Still, they also contain supplemental materials as well as quizzes. TED-Ed completely changes the formal education methods by just making it more fun to learn for anyone.

10.Hubspot Academy

Whether you are looking to learn more career skills or skills to grow your business, HubSpot Academy is a website you can’t ignore. They have a lot of free online courses on various topics such as marketing, sales, web design and development, Social media.


While there are a lot of free educational websites, Youtube is something that also has a lot of tutorials in every kind of topic, from making foods to learning, designing, and programming. Even though a lot of people use Youtube for entertainment, there are still people who use it for educational purposes.


Partnered with companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, Udacity has made many courses free to learn on their website. They have a lot of free online courses on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Web and Mobile development, and career skills.

13.Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is a website that you can use to learn more skills and advance your career by using free courses and free textbooks on Saylor Academy from anywhere in the world. When you complete their courses, you earn a free certificate for each course. You can include them in your LinkedIn profile, or you can share it anywhere you want to.

  1. Duolingo

One of the best websites available online to learn more new languages for free. Duolingo has lessons for over 35 languages such as Spanish, French, German. They also have a unique tracking system to keep you motivated to learn every day and measure your learning progress.

  1. Codecademy

Codecademy is an online education platform that contains a lot of programming lessons. Most of their free programming courses can be completed in less than 10 hours. This is the best place online for you to learn programming languages for free.

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