What You should know while Driving after Laser Eye Surgery

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It is extremely important to know that you should not drive immediately after performing laser eye surgery. So, you need to be sure that you plan for your transport accordingly. In order to help you in this situation, this blogpost covers everything you must know about driving after your laser eye surgery.

Prepare for the surgery

After you book a date for laser eye surgery, you have to make arrangement for dropping you at the clinic or travel by public transport. Once the treatment is done, you should ask your family member or friend to take you back home. If you want to go by public transport, then it is suggested that you do not travel alone. It would be best if someone can pick you immediately after the treatment. Most eye clinics provide free parking facilities and so, there won’t be any problem with parking. When you travel to eye clinic in London, you will find a taxi or public transport to be the best option to reach there on time.

When you can drive again after the surgery

After performing laser eye surgery, you won’t be allowed to drive till everything gets cleared by your eye surgeon.

You will be provided with a follow-up appointment the day after the procedure. So, you will either have to ask your friend to drop you off or take public transport. During the aftercare appointment, your eye care surgeon will evaluate the progress of the treatment and tell if you can drive on your own or you require more time to recover completely.

Once the eye surgeon assesses the condition of your eyes, he will tell whether you have recovered properly to drive. Most people will require a couple of days though this will depend on your recovery rate and might take almost one week.

After you get to know all clear for driving

After you are given the sign of all clear to drive, there are some things to keep in mind after the surgery.

Some patients suffer from the problem of glare from bright lights in the weeks immediately after undergoing the surgery. This might lead to slight difficulties while you are driving at night when you face glare from oncoming headlights. Thus, you may want to be a passenger at night and evaluate whether you will feel comfortable while driving on your own.

There might be some problems with glare that can improve significantly within the first few weeks following the treatment and this will continue to improve in the first three months.

Another thing to consider is though laser eye surgery can improve your eyesight to a great extent, it is not any miracle. You might still have to wear your eye glasses to perform certain tasks that include driving.

So, you want to know about your life after laser eye surgery? Well, this blogpost will enable you to know what you can and cannot do immediately after the surgery. There are certain key things to take into consideration after the treatment that includes – proper exercises, taking showers and returning back to work. In case you have further questions, feel free to contact Laser eye specialists Mr. Mani who perform advanced laser eye surgery in London and know about the kind of treatment you need to undergo for your eye problems.

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