Use Product Labels and Stickers to Develop Memorable Messages

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Labels and stickers are fundamental parts of advertising campaigns that some businesses tend to overlook and see as simply a standard, mandatory addition. Creativity counts and must be exercised in this case.

Customized labels and stickers are a great way of interacting with your prospects since they communicate your messages to them. While some companies think labels are simply necessary information carriers required by law, we believe these are powerful opportunities you need to look at and leverage to create a brand that is not only popular but also strong and meaningful.

These self-adhesive branding tools give your brand exposure and make your crucial messages more memorable. Due to their versatile nature, you can use them on mailed packages, food items, and bottles, among others.

Below are tips to get your message out there using stickers and labels.

Businesses use stickers to catch people’s attention with a small image. Vibrant colors on well-planned designs go a long way in helping brands achieve this.

To make sure your colors are strategic, create and stay true to your brand color palette. This helps solidify your unique brand image in the minds of your target customers. Look at what these colors mean in color psychology–it’s as easy as searching on the web for color associations.

Make your colors pop by creating designs with great contrast, playing up light colors by setting them against a deep, dark background. Make it more fancy by utilizing color gradients, if your design will benefit from them. 

  • Customize your labels and stickers

If you run an eCommerce or subscription service that sends packages to customers daily, personalize each label for every individual customer. Print their addresses on the envelopes or include a festive packaging label in the packaging box.

  • Attach your labels to the packaging

Are you running out of time and need to pack your items in time for an upcoming holiday? Create package labels that you can quickly attach to your product box. Display your company name and your logo on the front and product information on the backside.

  1. Give out bumper stickers as promotional freebies

Having promotional items to hand out to customers is always a good idea, as long as you are handing them out to the right people. Bumper stickers are an example of this type of advertising. Think about bumper stickers for a moment. They are portable and simple to distribute. People also understand that they are intended to be permanently attached to a vehicle or other surface.

If your label and sticker has a powerful message, it makes your typeface the focus point and draws all attention to it. Large, strong lettering will assist you in getting your word out into the world.

A one-of-a-kind font can do well at expressing the personality and brand identity of your company while also creating the proper vibe for your sticker design. A message will be enhanced with a snappy tagline, amusing remark, or wordplay. Focus on a strong font to make your message stand out.

Make Your Labels and Stickers Work for Your Purposes

When planning your labels and stickers, lay your marketing and promotions channels out and see where you need these trusty tools. Make sure you get it right by working with experts to get the best out of your design as well as your specially finished labels and stickers.

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