Top 7 Ivy League Schools You Need to Know About

Ivy League Schools
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There comes a moment in every student’s life when they have to decide which school to apply to. This is a big decision that they have to make. After all, selecting the right institution will help them prosper academically. I remember when I used to spend countless hours searching for the best school for me. Luckily, I subscribed to the Spectrum internet plans which took away the worry of using the data too much. This helped me to do my research in peace and before long, I had figured out the school I wanted to study in.

If a student is a high achiever, then he/she might have thought about applying to an Ivy League school. But what exactly is an Ivy League school? Well, they are the eight selective private schools in the Northeast that constitute the Ivy League Athletic Conference. Over the years, this term has become synonymous with prestigious colleges. Now, there are many well-known institutions but not all of them qualify as Ivy League. So, which ones do? Well, let’s find out.  

1. Brown University

Located in Providence, Brown University is a research university that is popular for its flexible and rigorous open curriculum that enables students to select a personalized course of study. This institution is quite selective. It has an acceptance rate of just 8%. And if anyone wishes to study here then they must achieve a 32-35 ACT score or 1440-1520 SAT score.

2. Harvard University

It is an extremely popular Ivy League institution. Located in Cambridge, Harvard University has around 7,000 undergraduate enrollments. It is not easy to get into Harvard University as the acceptance rate is only 5%. Yes, you read that right! This means that students who have scored between 1460-1580 in their SATs and somewhere between 33-35 in their ACTs can think about applying there. Harvard is ranked #1 for its political sciences and biology studies.

3. Yale University

Yale is a liberal art and research college that is located in Connecticut. This institution has the best professors who leave no stone unturned in teaching their students to the best of their capabilities. It is also considered #1 for its history studies. As for the acceptance rate, it is just 6%. So, those students with an average score of 33-35 ACT and 1460-1570 SAT can expect to get selected here.

4. Cornell University

It is located in New York. Cornell University has almost 15,000 undergraduate students. Some of the most popular majors that this institute offers include business, biology, and computer science. The acceptance rate of this university is 11%. They entertain those students who score 32-34 in ACT or receive between 1390-1540 SAT scores.

5. Princeton University

Founded in 1976 in New Jersey, Princeton University is the fourth-oldest institution in the United States of America. It has 5,000 undergraduate enrollments and much like Harvard, it has an acceptance rate of just 5%. It was ranked #2 when it came to the best institutions in the country to study public policy analysis and political science. Students who wish to get enrolled in this institution will have to put up a great effort. This is because the university only accepts those who have 1440-1570 SAT or 32-35 ACT scores.

6. Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is located in New Hampshire and is widely considered the number one institution of the state. It is a relatively small school as compared to other prestigious universities. It, like other Ivy schools, is selective when it comes to enrolling students and has an acceptance rate of 9%. So, what does it take to get selected? Well, for starters you would have to have a 1420-1560 SAT score or 31-35 ACT score.

7. University of Pennsylvania

Also called Penn, the University of Pennsylvania is a big school and has around 10,000 undergraduate enrollments. But getting into this institution is not easy as it has an acceptance rate of only 8%. This means that you should have a 1420-1550 SAT score or 32-35 ACT score in order to apply there. The university is popular for its finance, economics, and nursing degrees.


Getting admission to an Ivy League university is not easy. But there are some exceptional students who may get accepted in any one of the above-mentioned institutions without any hassles. And if they do then they would get to enjoy different perks. But if you do get selected and if you feel like you are ready to welcome any and all future challenges then you should take a step forward.


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