Top 5 Career Scopes after M.Tech in Communications

Top 5 Career Scopes after M.Tech in Communications
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M.Tech in communications is one of the most coveted branches of engineering. Its scope is quite high. A student with M.Tech in communications degree in hand can get work with fields like the telecom industry, Research labs for digital signal processing, micro processing, etc. They are also eligible for lucrative job offers with the IT sectors and in organizations like DRDO, VSSC, and BHEL, whenever they have vacancies.

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Career Opportunities after M.Tech in Communication

Government Job Opportunities –
A Communication engineer can opt for good opportunities into the various government departments by clearing some exams that are intended for them like SSC, UPSC, defense services, and many more. Atomic Energy Commission, Central Electronics Limited, Defense services, Directorate General Posts, and Telegraphs Departments, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Indian Railways, Ministry of Civil Aviation are some of the prospective government employers of the M.Tech in Communications candidates.

Start your own organization – After doing M.Tech you can be an entrepreneur too. It will be a great idea as very few M.Tech graduates aspire to start their own organization and most of them go for jobs. As an engineer, you can have a business of developing parts and other vital components for electronic goods. Starting an assembly shop for repairing goods that become damaged is also a lucrative idea. One of the best things about doing a business like this is that they will make returns which may be much higher than that was invested originally, sometimes. Based on M.Tech Degree, you will have enough support in terms of funding and investments as loan facilities are provided by banks as well as Small Scale Industries Development Corporations.

Doing Job right after completing M.Tech – Having an M.Tech in Communications degree in hand you are exposed to many attractive job offers. Now you can easily find a job in R&D operations, manufacturing firms, and IT companies as Project Manager, Research Associate, and Senior Engineers. However, the job role and position will now come with more responsibilities and the salary package will also be comparatively high as compared to a degree. As an engineering postgraduate it is expected that you will have a better understanding of the technical things and a much clear thought process for the assigned tasks and you are enabled to complete them productively. 

Taking up a Job in Teaching Profession – Usually, many of the aspirants after completing their M.Tech in Communication go for academic jobs. At present, the education sector in India is growing rapidly especially for higher studies. It has created a huge demand for teachers and professors at various educational institutions. If you are keen to join the teaching profession after M.Tech degree, you must keep in mind the importance of communication and presentation skills, which are crucial for becoming a teacher. The most important thing that you must have a passion for teaching and should be patient and calm enough to deal with students. You also need to incorporate the habit of reading books and journals to keep pace with the prevailing trends in the respective subject. 

Ph.D–Doctoral degree after M.Tech – If you are firm to get into the teaching profession or have the passion to work in Research & Development organizations, you must do a Ph.D. in the area of your interest, after completing your M.Tech in communication. For pursuing a Ph. D. after M.Tech, your objective should be clear to make teaching or research as your career option. The job role in the teaching profession is very lucrative but challenging too at the same time. 

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