Tips to Cut down A Tree Safely and Prevent Major Hazard

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When it comes to running a chainsaw to cut down a tree, safety is one of the most important things that you need to consider. You should take the tree cutting task seriously and always follow the safety rules. Chainsaw’s work is very critical and you should not use it if you do not have a good experience.

Here, we are going to discuss safety measures that you need to consider while cutting down a tree in your yard:

1.Purchase Felling Wedges

You should consider investing in two different felling wedges that will prevent your saw from getting pinched while cutting. The falling wedges are easily available in the nearest outdoor power equipment store.

2. Make an Estimate Of felling Zone

The lengths of trees are taller than your estimate and they can reach farther than you would expect. Therefore, it is recommended that you should make an accurate estimate of the tree that would fall.

You can use the “ax handle trick” to determine the surrounding area where the tree can fall. First of all, you should hold the handle at the arm’s length and close your eyes. Now, close your one eye and then move back from the tree and move towards the tree.

You should keep moving until the top of your ax is even with the top of the tree. Also, the bottom of the ax should be even with the base of the tree. Your feet will tell you where the treetop will fall. Make sure that you consider the extra space for tree falling.

3. Properly Clear-Cutting Zone

You should clear the cutting area even if you know the exact region where it will fall. You should clear the bushes around the base of the tree and consider two different escaping routes. The two escaping routes should be 45 degrees away from each other. You should quickly walk away when the tree starts falling. You can also consider taking the help of tree removal Sydney contractors. 

4. Thoroughly Examine Tree

You should not immediately decide on tree cutting and start doing it. It is imperative to thoroughly examine the tree condition:

  • You should keep your eyes on the dead branches of the tree. The dead or broken branches of the tree can become the reason for the major hazard. If you knock a dead branch, there is a huge probability that a tree branch will fall over you.
  • Leaning trees are also dangerous and they can wreak havoc. If you try to cut down a leaning tree, they can fall in the direction in which they are leaning rather than the desired direction.
  • While considering the felling zone, you should consider the fences, building power lines, and various other important things that you care about. If any important thing comes inside the felling zone, you should consider taking the help of a professional.  

5. Create A Proper Notch

When it comes to cutting a tree, you should make a deep notch on the tree trunk. The depth of the cut should be one-fifth of the tree’s diameter. The main objective is to create the right angle cut on the tree. It is important to make sure that the felling cut is capable of meeting the point of the notch. The hinge will help you to fall in the right direction.

6. Plan the Notch

You should cut a notch on the fall side of the trunk. You should adjust your saw in such a way that it is pointed towards the fall direction of the tree. The region where the bar will touch the bark can be defined as the center of the notch.

It is recommended to lay out the notch before starting implementing the cutting technique. You can make a mark with the help of chalk or you can score the bark with the chainsaw. Also, you should make a notch at a comfortable working height.

7. Use Wedges for Cutting Big Trees

If you want to cut down a tree that is 18 in. large in diameter, you should go ahead and cut down the notch. Start forming the felling cut on the tree. It is recommended that you should stop forming the cut once it has penetrated deep inside the tree.

You should leave the bar inside that cut. Finally, finish the cut inside the trunk of the tree. You should use the wedge while forming the cut because they will keep the saw from getting pinched.

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