Online Digital Marketing Course in India and Major Modules

Online Digital Marketing Course
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The Increase of the internet population in India, the spread of the pandemic, and the change in people’s buying habits have created a strong need for businesses to build an online presence. And to do that, lots of companies are looking for well-trained marketing professionals, while the sole proprietors are trying to learn Digital Marketing themselves through Online Digital Marketing Courses in India.

With the high demand for professional Digital Marketing Training Online, numerous institutes are providing for the same. It’s challenging to choose the right institute with an experienced mentor, practical learning, and covering all the major modules.

One institute that provides a complete package of an expert trainer, 100% practical learning, and covers all the major modules of Digital Marketing in-depth is Quibus Training’s.

Best Online Digital Marketing Course in India

Best Online Digital Marketing Course in India


Quibus Trainings provides the best Online Digital Marketing Course in India, highly recommended for Freshers, Marketing & IT Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Engineering & MBA Students.

They have trained more than 1000 students through their Advanced Digital Marketing Online Course. The students can learn this instructor-led Live Online Digital Marketing Course from anywhere in India at their comfort.

The trainer and Founder Mr. Parmveer Singh Sandhu, have more than ten years of Digital Marketing experience. He is a YouTube Silver Button achiever with above 15K Instagram followers and 2.4M views on Quora. He is also the Founder Founder of the Digital Marketing Agency Quibus Technosys, having more than 100 satisfied clients from all across the globe.

Apart from it, their course is 100% practical, including daily assignments and doubt sessions, providing ten industry-recognized certifications after the completion of the course.

The course also covers all the major modules of Digital Marketing. Let’s discuss in detail, which are the essential modules of Digital Marketing.

Significant Modules of Digital Marketing

Significant Modules of Digital Marketing

Understanding Digital Marketing

It includes the introduction of Digital Marketing, what it is, how it’s essential, and a basic overview of all the major Digital Marketing Channels.


Domain and Hosting Management

Digital marketing’s primary learning begins with creating a Website, and the first step of website creation is purchasing a Domain and Hosting. You’ll learn more about Domain and Hosting management in the Online Digital Marketing Course of Quibus Training’s.


Mastering WordPress

You will learn about WordPress, one of the most Famous and Leading platforms for creating websites. But to master it, you need to understand the various technicalities and the crucial plugins.


Search Engine Optimisation (On page and Off page)

It is the largest and one of the essential modules. It is the process of improving the rankings of your website and web-pages on major search engines. To get more traffic and sales, it’s essential to rank in the top results, which can be achieved through SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. To learn SEO better, it’s vital to grab practical learning. So, make sure your Online Digital Marketing Course provides advanced training in SEO.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Search Console and Google Analytics are two free and essential Google tools providing insights that will help site owners improve visibility and data related to the traffic. To master these tools, it’s necessary to learn how to set up and understand all important terms and tools.

Social Media Marketing

From youngsters to the elderly, Social Media has become popular amongst everyone. So, for a brand, it’s necessary to build a strong presence over Social Media. Social Media Marketing involves Social Media Content Creation, Social Media Ads, Influence Marketing, and many more.

Google Ads

Mastering Google Ads is not easy; to get its thorough knowledge, you need to learn it from experienced mentors. If not appropriately targeted, the money invested in Google Ads could be wasted.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is among the most productive Digital Marketing Strategy. It involves marketing and communicating with prospects and customers through Email.


A blog is an informational website. For businesses, the blog helps to connect to and attract the relevant audience. A well-optimised blog can help you achieve higher rankings in search results, which will result in increased website traffic and quality leads.

Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, Affiliate Marketing has gained a lot of popularity. It involves promoting other people’s products and earning a commission on the sale.

So, these were the ten major modules of Digital Marketing. Before selecting an Online Digital Marketing Course, make sure that the Course Curriculum of the institute covers all of these.

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