Major Purpose of a Design Patent

design patent
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There are various things that we use in our everyday lives that are not spoken much about but rather holds a very strong attribute to run things smoothly. For example: When we talk about a building, we talk about its beautiful architecture and amazing views. But, the most important thing that is required for the building to stand strong is the raw materials like cement, pillars, etc. In this article, we will talk about one such important raw material that is required to keep the work intact and help build a smoother and more convenient work-life –Design Patent.

What is a Patent?

Before we know more about the Major purpose of a design patent in any industry, let us know a little about what a patent is and how it works. The word patent means “a government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention”. In simple words, it is a government license that can be acquired to protect one’s creation. This avoids conflicts in any industry and helps in bringing out more Innovators and promotes individuality. It will have all the details about the product and the owner on the government document that act as one of the major document to charge any person legally if they try making or copying them.                                                 

What is a Design Patent?

While we understand the word “Patent”, it makes it a lot easier for us to understand what a design patent is. Just as the word describes, a design patent is a patent that is acquired mostly in any designing firm. Designing is one of the most creative ideas anyone can do. A Design patent offers legal protection for the owner to protect his or her ideas. The person who has the patent can legally accuse anyone who’s trying to steal or copy their innovation. The design patent is mostly used in all design-centric companies such as furniture, ornaments, clothing, art, etc.

How does it look like?

The most common misconception about owning any patent is that the owner should have the model design set up. In reality, it is a simple legal document that has all the details about the product, when it was made, the owner of the product, the place where it was made, how long it was taken to be made, and how it’s made. These details are crucial and help in sculpting the basis of the patent.

How does it help?

Design patent helps in various ways. Some of the major purposes of a design patent are as follows:

    • Protection: The main reason to create a design patent is to protect the design. For instance, if someone designs a beautiful piece of ornament, he needs to protect his idea and his plan from others who may steal or copy it and claim it for themselves. Getting a design patent will help the creator legally protect it.
    • Ownership: Another important reason for creating the design patent is ownership. Getting a patent right for a design gives complete ownership to the creator. This will help the creator move proceed with his ideas without having any trouble in the foreseeable future.
    • Value: Getting a design pattern as value for both the creator and the design. The design will be known for the creator and vice versa. In the business field, this will add a huge amount of importance to the buyers. This will also help determine the value of the product and its place in the industry.
    • Smooth Business: Anybody who decides to use the designs for the business knows that it is vital for all the business of functions smoothly to reach the targets or goals. While protecting and owning adds value to the design, this also helps with smooth business between the buyers and sellers. There will not be any problems in owning the design and recreating it into many other designs and to precede with different ideas and with different companies once the design gets its patent rights. •Branding: The design patent was a very important part of promoting brands. As mentioned the creator gets known for his ideas and vice-versa. Hence, if a brand comes up with a new design they can easily get a design patent and that eventually will be recognition for their standards and this will eventually promote their brand.

Did you know?

Here are some fun facts about the design parent that will help us understand the idea better.

    • Design patent do come with an expiry date. As mentioned, “While a patent will remain in force for some time, eventually it is considered to be no longer in effect. The patented invention then becomes freely usable by others.”
    • In 1879, Auguste Bartholdi was awarded a design patent S. Patent D11, 023 for the Statue of Liberty.

To summarise, having a patent is a great way to grow and help others grow. It leads to a smoother business, easier work process, and gives a lot of credit to the creator. This helps maintain a smoother flow for the business in all its stages. It is often said, “Today’s practices will pave a way to tomorrow’s future”. This legalised document will come in handy even after the business deal is completed. Creating or getting a design patent is a great way to protect and own your ideas and business and develop a friendly atmosphere for future generations.

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