List of Top 5 Institute for Diploma in IFRS

ifrs diploma course
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IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. The International Accounting Standard Board establishes these standards. The IASB is an independent private sector body established in 2001 to create a single global accounting standard. IFRS establishes standard rules to make financial statements transparent, consistent, and comparable globally.

Top 5 IFRS Institute in India

1. Grant Thornton India
Grant Thornton offers several IFRS diploma courses; these courses can be an instructor-led online program, e-learning, or a classroom program.
ACCA Diploma in Live IFRS Training:
You will learn about complex financial reporting standards in this course.
It offers approximately 95 hours of training + 20 hours of recorded videos. You will receive the training materials, BPP study materials, post-training support, and a certificate of attendance. You can enroll now for diploma course in IFRS from Grant Thornton India.

2. PWC Academy, Ahmedabad
PWC India offers various training courses based on in-depth knowledge of the subject and global experience. PWC’s highly trained and experienced professionals will help you understand and implement IFRS concepts.
PWC provides the highest quality content for students.
ACCA DipIFR: The ACCA DipIFR is an IFRS qualification issued by the Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA).
In this course, participants will learn to develop their knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards. They will also learn to apply the list of IFRS standards with an in-depth knowledge of the underlying concepts and principles.

3. Tishadz
The IFRS course offered by Tishadz has a well-researched and industry-relevant curriculum.
At Tishadz, they are focused on creating a new age skills curriculum, innovating how young people are engaged, and motivating and guiding young people to build their future.
This course will learn to apply relevant financial reporting standards and understand IFRS. Industry experts train students. Enroll now for a diploma course in IFRS from Tishadz, India. You can contact us to know more.

4. Zell Education, Mumbai
To succeed in today’s dynamic and highly competitive world, you need theoretical and practical knowledge. Zell education offers a diploma in IFRS by ACCA.
Duration: 3 months
Batch schedule: weekend
Mode of study: in class and online
This course will teach you financial statements, present financial notices, and supplemental disclosures, and prepare external financial reports for combined entities, associates, and joint arrangements.
Program Highlights:
Largest Dip IFRS Institute in West India
Regular mock tests
Exclusive Dip IFRS qualified faculty
100% job placement assistance
Practical industry experience with field assignments.
Enroll now for a diploma course in IFRS from Zell education Mumbai.

5. Synthesis Learning, Ahmedabad
Synthesis Learning offers training in accounting, finance, and related courses; they also provide customized learning interventions for large businesses and agencies throughout India.
The main advantages of Dip IFRS are:
● Online and classroom training in “multiple locations” in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Indore.
● Experienced professionals train participants in the financial sector.
● Thorough understanding of the list of IFR standards.
● High level of theoretical and practical learning.
● Job opportunities and internships through a network of TNCs and multinationals
The main objective of IFRS is to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency in presenting financial information in different countries.

Career options after taking the IFRS course:
The need for professionals and experts in IFRS is increasing enormously. After graduating from IFRS, you can find many jobs in various industries’ accounting and finance sectors, and the best part is that you are not limited to just one country.

Some of the options are:

After completing the IFRS certification course, the banking and insurance sectors are the best platform. These sectors offer enormous opportunities for people who are IFRS certified.
● Audit firms progress after completing the IFRS certification course.
● Professional advisory firms hire IFRS-certified people and receive advice on financial programs.
● Other companies that have accepted IFRS also hire people who are IFRS certified.
● Accountants in private companies and multinationals
● Financial Advisor
● Teachers in the financial education sector
● After IFRS qualification, you will be eligible to work in over 100 countries.

Companies increasingly educate professionals with IFRS knowledge and experience and accounting and finance degrees. Therefore, if you want to excel in your career in finance, you should consider taking an IFRS course to improve your career prospects.

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