Job Prospects and Career Options after Bakery Course

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Baking, one of the oldest professions in the world is a very dynamic and innovative culinary technique used for making bread and confectioneries. Nothing excites consumers more than tempting sweets and beautiful desserts. It is a highly demanded and sought after skill in today’s age. One of the major benefits of studying bakery and confectionery is the job prospects and career options in the field. With the increasing number of hotels, professional bakeries, restaurants the demand for professional bakers is also increasing. Many of the top luxury hotels hire well-trained bakers that help to gain exposure in the baking profession, with handling and baking techniques. The baking profession combines both art and science. Baking is a career that demands lots of creativity, commitment, and passion for food. Bakers are skilled, creative, and innovative professionals who specialize in the manufacturing of various kinds of cakes, bread loaves, biscuits, bread rolls, pies, cookies, tarts, brownies, muffins, pastries, etc.
Magarpatta Institute of Hospitality Management teaches the right skills to its students making their careers in the dessert world a sweet deal, making it offering the best bakery courses in Pune. If you have that passion for Baking then visit the website of MIHM and apply now for enrollment in your desired course. Various opportunities are available in this career and some of the designations are below mentioned.

Professional Baker

Professional bakers make bread, rolls, cakes, pies, cookies, and other baked goods for commercial bakeries, restaurants, stores, schools, and other businesses. Baking professionally involves taking inventory and ordering ingredients, measuring, mixing, cleaning equipment, and developing new recipes. Professional bakers must have knowledge of safe sanitation practices and food handling techniques. Working as a professional baker requires being able to tolerate hot kitchens and work early mornings or at night. Professional bakers with several years of experience typically work autonomously or supervise others.

Pastry Chef or Patisserie

These are the in-charge of the dessert menu, and do all the necessary arrangements in making the baking items. The Pastry chefs or Patisserie also performs administrative duties.


Bakers are for baking the distinctive range of bread and all the material required to make pastries, cake, or other baking products. Becoming a baker requires a great amount of training as this is a highly-skilled job. The baker must be master is handling all the tools that help to prepare the baking stuff. Bakers mix together various ingredients and then bake them to create pastries and bread. Baking is a science, and bakers must be able to follow directions and recipes to the letter in order to produce a mouth-watering finished product.

Pastry Head Chef

Pastry head chefs are in charge of a kitchen and often manage a baking staff.

Food Service Managers

These manage the daily function of staff and organization within their department. Food services managers perform duties like scheduling, hiring, training, ordering, inventory, and inspection work.

Cake Decorator

A cake decorator requires innovative skills with knowledge of a variety of decorating tools. These apply icing, toppings, decorations on the cakes, pastries, puddings, etc by writing customised messages.

Bakery Technologist

The bakery technologist is responsible for creating, developing, launching, and implementing new products. Responsible for managing R&D projects.

Bakery Sanitation Manager

These are for general sanitation of the plant that looks after the activities. product safety, quality check, and legality of the bakery products their team prepares.

Pastry Sous Chef

Pastry sous chefs assist a head chef with everyday kitchen activities.


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