Is BCA Degree a Good Choice to Opt for a Career in Computer Industry?

best bca college in north india
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Those who want to make a career in computer programming and software development can easily get admission to the BCA program. Before you decide to take admission to the course, it is important to know more about the BCA course.

BCA is a three years under- graduate course that is being offered by top colleges and universities in Delhi. Students from all parts of the country are interested to get admission to the BCA program as it opens plenty of job opportunities and allows you to make a rewarding career ahead.

Some of the best colleges for BCA in Delhi NCR are IMS Ghaziabad, Amity University, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, SRM University, and many more.

These institutes have state-of-the-art infrastructure with all the modern and necessary facilities for completing the learning and development of the students. The faculties present are also highly qualified with years of experience. They teach students with innovative and engaging teaching methods for a better understanding of the concepts.

Students are free to select any of the colleges and seek admission to BCA college near me according to their choice and preference.

There are various reasons why BCA has become immensely popular among aspiring students; some of them have been listed below:

• Latest Course
With the continuous advancement in technology, it is important to have professionals who are equipped enough to handle all the operations with ease. The one who wants to make a career in Computer Applications should have the necessary fundamental base to become a competent winner.

• Internship
During the duration of the course, students are also supported to get an internship in top organizations that help them to get a better understanding of the field and job they are required to do.

• Placement Assistance
After successful completion of the course, students are also assisted to get placement in top IT companies with the most lucrative packages.

• Opportunities for Networking
When you are doing a professional course, you are doing get an opportunity to meet new people and professionals from various fields, this leads to the building of relations and networking. With the right network, one can easily get the best job offers from top companies.

• Affordable Education
BCA is an affordable education and allows one to get a professional degree at a much lesser cost. Unlike B.Tech and other medical courses which are quite expensive, BCA can be pursued by many at much less cost.

• Better Opportunities
Top IT companies are looking for highly skilled and trained professionals who can contribute to the growth and development of the industry. A BCA degree holder has better knowledge and skills to understand the complex working of computers.

• Higher Education
For better opportunities, going for higher education is always an option. Students of BCA can get enrolled in MBA or MCA programs which are high in demand and open more lucrative career opportunities.

• Has a Wide Curriculum
There are various significant aspects covered in the BCA course which are quite useful to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the students.

These are :
• Animation
• Computer Graphics
• Accounting Applications
• Internet Technologies
• Database Management
• System Analysis
• Programming Languages
• Word processing

• Career Opportunities
The various career opportunities available after successful completion of the course are:
• Working in top IT companies
• System Administrator
• Information System Manager
• Database Manager
• Personal Information Management
• Media and Printing Industry
• Software Developer
• Software Publishers
• Chief Information Officer

So, if you have been thinking of making a promising career in the field of computer applications, it is important to pursue BCA from a reputed and trusted college and institute.

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