Indian Schools Go Online During Coronavirus Lockdown

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With everything being closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools across the country are going online to provide the virtual classes. They are trying their best to make sure learning never stops due to the lock down or global pandemic. Schools not only offer continued online classes but also train their teachers to adapt to the new system so they can help the students keep learning without any obstacles.
Virtual classrooms are not as simple as going online for other things. As we know that the schools can provide world-class education largely because of their infrastructure and interactive physical classes. However, some of the best schools in Pune are doing a great job of providing quality education to their students. They are providing live classes, recorded sessions, physical textbooks, counselings sessions, and online tests.

E-Learning: An Interesting Thing for the Students:

Many students find e-learning quite interesting and engaging. They are more actively involved in the classes because of the new kind of experience. Since it is a personalized adaptive learning system that meets every student’s requirements, they find it suitable for their convenience and requirements.
Tech-savvy and pro-digital students love exploring the new way of learning. Some schools have recorded significant improvements in the students’ overall growth. You can check out the outcome of the e-learning system on the school website. For more details, visit the website and get the information that how e-learning is helping the students.

Teachers Are Relearning the Things:

Teachers are forced to unlearn and relearn their teaching skills due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are learning new skills to manage live classes, creating informative videos, keeping the students engaged and motivated, and managing attendance. Unlike physical classes, the online classes require teachers to be more innovative so they can keep all the students connected during the live classes.
Many schools run training programs for their teachers to equip them with new skills and technological aptitude.

Online Tests and Questionnaire to Assess the Development:

Schools are also conducting online tests every so often to make sure the students are gaining benefits from the online classes. The teachers provide questions to the students and ask them to do the same within a timeline. Some of the schools have developed custom software that includes everything required for the classes.
In online classes, information of every student is separately saved in the database. The tools allow the teachers to keep track of each student easily. They can access their data at all moments in time. Also, the e-learning programs have customizable analytical tools that help the teachers get detailed performance reports daily.

Competency-Based System:

The online learning system is based on learners’ interests. They can get things customised to their needs. Also, they are now allowed to access the content at all moments in time without any obstacles. The classes offer flexibility to meet every student’s requirements. It is now more equipped to work on skills and knowledge in a controlled manner.
Online learning has emerged as a panacea during the COVID-19 pandemic lock down. And it is playing a major role in protecting the next generation. Choose a school that offers online education at the time of the pandemic. Apply now for the enrolment process if you don’t want to miss out on your child’s education.

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