Impotence in your 20s: Why it happens & What You Can Do for Treatment?

Erectile Dysfunctions
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Dealing with impotence is the real deal, especially when you’re young, fit & healthy in all sense.

To be frank, it’s quite complicated to understand erections. The male sexual system involves many things to attain a harder erection apart from just feeling the arousal. Your brain, hormones, circulatory system & several other body parts need to align to attain the desired stiffness for impressing your partner.

Though it’s commonly believed that impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, only affects older men, feel no surprise if you see yourself in the crisis of not attaining the hardness as easily as you should. Millions of men around the world are facing this sexual disorder, so you’re not alone in your 20s. Don’t get surprised if this issue shows up in your 30s or 40s. It’s normal.

Now, you might be thinking how common is erectile dysfunction or impotence is among younger men?

Is Erectile Dysfunction common among younger men too?

You may hardly find a young man saying that he is suffering from impotence. But, this doesn’t mean that impotence doesn’t exist in the 20s or 30s. Most men suffering from ED are below the age of 45. So, you’re more likely to find someone in their 20s, young & still having difficulties in attaining erections.

Penetrative sex requires a specific level of hardness to feel the pleasure & let pleasure felt. If you feel something is wrong with your erections, you should consult a doctor & figure out what it is. Who knows you may be detected with ED & it has an easy cure like an initial dose of Fildena 100?

5 Possible Reasons for Causing ED in your 20s

It’s hard to say if a particular cause is bothering your sex life as there are many possibilities. We’ve coined out some reasons that could be responsible for hindering harder erections & destroying your sex life.

Let us tell you that cardiovascular problems, kidney & liver problems, glaucoma, blood pressure problems, etc. are some common reasons that make men suffer from ED.

    1. Stress & Hypertension

Stressful life is very main-stream today. The millennial generation is consistently juggling between work life & personal relationships. In the middle of this stress, hypertension may show up. This ultimately affects your sex life.

Extreme stress & hypertension causes high blood pressure & this suppresses the production of testosterone, the sex hormones. It’s important to have mental stability & keep calm while you’re in an intimate & sensible time with your partner.

    1. Overweight

Obesity & ED are linked. For instance, ED is common among men suffering from heart problems, which is common among people recognized as overweight or obese. It gets easier to boost the sexual performance & experience normalized erectile function if you’re ready to lose at least 33 lbs.

    1. Alcohol, Smoking, or Drug Addiction

Your drinking & smoking habits are affecting your sexual health.

If you don’t know, men using Cenforce 100 for ED are recommended to not drink alcohol or grapefruit juice while undergoing treatment with this impotence medicine.Also, consuming illicit drugs exposes you to the risk of erectile dysfunction & more of such sexual issues. Erectile health is closely affected by smoking habits too.

Do we still need to say what you should ‘not’ do?

    1. Sexual Performance Anxiety

Hammering yourself with the thoughts like – ‘will I be able to satisfy her?’ will increase the levels of anxiety & affect your sexual performance negatively. You may feel nervous or anxious before or during sex. This not just affects men, but also disturbs women. So, you need to kick your fears if you want things to go smooth.

    1. Porn Addiction

If you’re addicted to porn, you know that there is often a mismatch between expectations & reality. Pornography addiction is a thing that destroys happy marriages & newfangled relationships too. Your brain’s response to sexual stimulation is greatly affected. You’re consistently looking for novelty & expect unique potential from your partner.

How to treat impotence?

ED Medicines

If you consult the doctor, you’ll get to know that a whole world of ED medicines exists without you knowing it. Viagra, Vidalista 20, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, etc. are the known names. However, it is always recommended to consult the doctor & then use any particular ED medicine as not every medicine is made for everyone. Several criteria are applied by the doctor before prescribing any.


The therapy for sexual performance anxiety & stress is much-needed if they’re the underlying factors for your ED problems. Also, pelvic floor exercises improve erectile functions & it can be done at home.

Lifestyle Changes

What if we tell you that you have to make a few nominal lifestyle changes & your ED problems will go away? To implement this, you’ll have to consult your healthcare provider & look for solutions under their guidance. This will assure you that you’re on the right path.

Final Thoughts

If you think you have ED, don’t panic. Try to figure out what could be wrong & talk to your doctor at the first possible meeting. Even if you’re in your 20s, having impotence is normal and it could be treated. Have patience & find the right treatment. That’s all.

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