How to Reclaim Your Confidence with IM Academy CEO Chris Terry 

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Almost everyone has dreams for their future. They can be large, small, or somewhere in between, yet they’re powerful enough to keep us striving for greatness. 

Still, these goals cannot accomplish themselves on their own. To see your desires come to life, you must have the confidence to push forward and reach for them, regardless of how difficult that might seem. 

Of course, this is often much easier said than done. In a world filled with constant comparisons, it’s easy to feel small when seeing unrealistic standards set by other individuals — from beauty to wealth. However, it’s entirely possible to break free from these doubts and realize that you can gain the same level of understanding and experiences as your mentors. 

So, how can you develop the confidence necessary to put this into action? Chris Terry has a few transformational pieces of advice to help you begin implementing these values into your life.  

Knowledge Spurs Confidence

Chances are, you’re incredibly knowledgeable about at least one thing. This could be something as simple as a talent for quilting, or something as complex as business management for a specific industry. 

Regardless of the subject, having a comprehensive understanding of it can make you feel like an expert in the field. When someone asks for assistance, you provide them with a diverse range of tips and tricks to help them improve their own skills. Furthermore, you aren’t afraid to take risks and try new experiences related to the subject, since you know you have a strong basis of expertise to fall back on.  

This is confidence in its purest form. When you feel sure of yourself and the actions you are taking, the world is no longer so daunting. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that your confidence is solely restricted to one thing, and that thing only. You’re meant to spend your life trying new experiences, after all, so why not gain expertise in other areas along the way? 

Focus on Study 

Think hard about the topic you feel most confident in, and then consider how you gained that self-assurance in the first place. You didn’t simply wake up one day with unrestricted conviction, ready to take on that subject, right? 

See, to gain confidence in a certain area, you must first dedicate your time to studying it. Whether you want to be a chairman leader within IM academy or add another service to your current list of business offerings, starting your journey blindly will ultimately get you nowhere. By studying extensively to expand your knowledge, however, you will draw a clear roadmap to follow that leads you towards success. 

Final Thoughts 

Enhancing your understanding of a topic will simultaneously increase your confidence regarding it. Rather than shy away from experiences placed onto your path, your new knowledge will help you face them head-on and come out improved on the other side. 

So, if there is an area in life you want to explore further, remember that you have all the power necessary to embrace it by prioritizing study, knowledge, and confidence. 

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