How Does A Cochlear Implant Different From Hearing Aid?

Cochlear Implant
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Cochlear implants and hearing aids both are used to help people with hearing loss so that they communicate in a better way. Although hearing aids are the electronic devices used by people with less severe hearing loss and it does not require any surgery. While cochlear implants are best suited for people who are deaf or suffering from severely hard of hearing and it requires surgery. Many cochlear implant clinics have opened that provide good surgery under the guidance of experts.

To better understand the difference between a cochlear implant and a hearing aid, it is required to know more about how each one works.

What is hearing aid?

These are small electronic devices specially designed to amplify the sound going into the ear of the person who faces problems with hearing. A hearing aid is typical of two types: in the ear and behind the ear. The hearing aids are available in different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors. Hearing aids work in both noisy and quiet environments. Here how it works

    • Microphone- it picks the sound from the environment.
    • Amplifier- amplifier makes the sound loud and clear.
    • Receiver- the receiver sends the amplified sound from the amplifier to the ears.

What is a cochlear implant?

It is an electronic gadget that fits on the ear and is used to partially restore hearing. This is very useful for people who are profoundly deaf and severely hearing problems due to inner damage. It has two parts one fits behind the ear and the other is placed inside the ear through surgery. Unlike other hearing devices, cochlear implants pass sound signals to the auditory nerve by bypassing the damaged portions of the ear. The following parts consist of a cochlear implant:

    • Microphone- Which grasp the sound from the environment.
    • Speech processor- Which arranges the sound take-up by the microphone.
    • Transmitter- This is used to receive the signal from the processor and convert them into an electrical signal.
    • Electrode –This works to collect the electric signals and distribute them to a different region of the auditory nerve.

Cochlear implant surgery is done in clinics or hospitals. It is done to restore the hearing for the people who are profoundly deaf. Firstly it is performed under general anesthesia to make you sleep during the procedure. Then the surgery is performed by making an incision on the ear from the backside and then cochlea is accessed, an electronic device is inserted in the skin. There are huge numbers of cochlear implant clinics available within the country and the professional will advise you about the factors which could affect the outcomes. Similarly among them, cochlear implant surgery in Delhi is very beneficial and gives favorable outcomes, and improves the communication of people.

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