Construction Management: Courses, Fees and Career

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Making a wise choice is crucial when it comes to a person’s career because it is something that not only navigates your present but also lays a strong foundation for your bright future. Career experts advise aspirants approaching various streams to read more and then decide which course would be more suitable for them.

Construction management is one such course which is quite popular amongst students concerned for their bright future. As the name suggests, it delves deep into the acumens of the construction industry.

Attending college to learn different systems and techniques can really boost your field experience. Get admission to experience change not only in your knowledge but also in your professional attitude. Enough of trial and error method for years because now is the time to make a big jump from your current role or company.

Academic Courses To Specialize In Construction Management

If developing skills in a building environment is your career choice, you have a variety of courses to get enrolled in. You can pick one according to the in-detail curriculum and exposure the course offers and at the same time, the duration of the course and fees can also be your lookout.

• B.Sc in Construction Management is an undergraduate level program with a duration of 3 years. Its fee costs you INR 3 lakh.
• BBA in Construction Management (3 years) offers you a bachelor’s degree and its fees may vary from INR 50,000 to 10 lakh.
MBA in Construction Management (2 years) requires a bachelor’s degree as the minimum qualification and costs you something between INR 50, 000 to 10 lakhs.
• Diploma in Construction Management is a one year course and its fees may range between INR 10,000 to 5 lakhs.

What Career Choices Can Be Expected After Pursuing A Course In Built Environment

Depending on which course you have done related to construction, you can expect yourself to work in the following capacities in the construction domain.

Facilities Manager- From planning crucial activities for maintenance of the building and its premises to creating a suitable and safe work environment for all the employees is what is the primary lookout of a facility manager. His areas of work include security, communications, and more management activities.

Sustainability Consultant- This person promotes sustainable solutions pertaining to infrastructural requirements of construction sites. Their major responsibilities cover the reconstruction of buildings, development of residential projects, and renovation of older structures to name a few.

Estates Manager- Heritage preservation is the major work responsibility of an estate manager. He does so by prudently assessing the heritage sites and seeks numerous ways to improve financial returns from these.

Estimator- Estimator is the professional who makes calculated cost estimation along with a quality report in accordance with the project budget. They are also known as cost engineers and construction estimators in some organizations.

From Where Can You Start Your Career In Construction Industry?
How to go about seeking admission starts from the basics of finding courses online and gaining knowledge about different colleges offering the course. Visit the website to understand not only the fee structure but placement trends in the recent few years. Once convinced, you can always start with the admission procedure.

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