Changing the way of vaping: Pod Systems

Changing the way of vaping: Pod Systems
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As you know, vaping practices have changed rapidly, and the pod system is an advanced way of vaping. We move traditional practices from a vape pen, then tube mods, and this series continues for a while, and the pod system is the latest vaping practice, but it is not the end of the series.

However, a smoker may not get satisfied without getting an abundant nicotine and pod system containing abilities that allow instant strong nicotine hits on the throat that accomplishes the smoker’s desire. Unlike cigalikes, it is potable, simple, and manageable, but it is ahead to many extent.

What do you mean by the Pod system?

It’s an advanced form of smoking that contains a pod rather than a traditional tank or atomizer. The Pod system is an advanced practice of smoking that can also be called e-cigarettes. It works the same as a cigarette; people exhale the e-liquid vapor through the mouth that strikes on the throat and delivers it to the mouthpiece with instant hitting.

Pods have variant capacity depending on the consumption of a consumer. You can simply get between 1-2 ml of pods from, and you can also find more significant devices. In a pod system, you can simply switch the flavors by just pulling the vape into your mouth and pulling it out when it gets empty.

Usually, it is smaller than e-cigarettes, and its battery is small as compared to pod mods. It is incorporated with the battery containing 300 mAh capacity. However, the capacity of the battery determines the time of use of a pod system. Less battery capacity means it needs more charge and the capacity of the battery is less than vape pens and more than cigalikes.

How to choose the best pod system?

In the market, you can get a variety of pod system, but it is essential to choose the best pod system that has several features or characteristics:

    • Shape and size- Market has various shapes and sizes of pod systems; you can choose it as per your choice and accountability. You can get it in the skinny, small, wide, broad, badge, and in many shapes from several sites.
    • The pod’s capacity- A pod system has a small size, which means it is incorporated with a small tank that means it has low capacity. In smaller pod systems, you need to refill or replace the tank regularly.
    • Flavors of pod system- You can get a variety of flavors in the pod system; you can refill the tank with your desired flavor.
    • Life of a battery- Because of the small pod size, batteries also come small in size that requires frequent charging. However, more powerful batteries go for a long time and need a low charge.


The pod system is the latest vaping technique that allows several smoking advancements that attract youngsters towards it. However, it is essential to check the features before buying them to know if they fit your vaping desire? Check out for the latest and advanced designed pod systems.

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