Can You Increase The Lifespan Of Botox And Fillers?

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The effect of cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers and Botox is not permanent. For one reason or the other, some people may not have their maintenance sessions on time, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those who are yet to get a maintenance Botox treatment London, and need ways to extend the lifespan of the one they already have, you would find this-write up useful.


Presently, there is no proven method to extend the lifespan of Botox and how fast the Botox treatment wears off depending on several factors. People are different and adapt differently to different treatments.

Intense exercises can shorten the lifespan of Botox, and people who engage in high-impact exercises usually get more touch-up treatments. However, you still need to exercise and take care of your body daily.

To ensure your Botox lasts long, always keep your skin hydrated. Fine lines are usually a sign of dehydration, so it is vital to get a high-quality moisturizer and serum containing hyaluronic acid. Try to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated on the inside. Take a lot of vegetables and fruits, then reduce your intake of alcohol and coffee.

When outdoors, wear sunglasses, so you do not have to squint. Try to avoid smoking because it makes you screw your lips and eyes, and these movements cause fine lines.


Different fillers brands are available, and they all have a varying lifespans, depending on their consistency. The position of the fillers also affects their longevity. Most times, dermal fillers last longer than the official time, so you shouldn’t be worried when your cosmetic surgeon tells you how long the filler will last.

Fillers under the eyes and in the cheeks breakdown slowly compared to some facial areas like the lips. Fillers in certain areas can even last for a few years. Staying hydrated also affects how fast the fillers breakdown. If your tissues remain hydrated, they remain plump, and the skin will not reflect light when dehydrated.

Eating a healthy diet helps your skin remain fresh. Exfoliating your lips daily by using a dry toothbrush will prevent your lips from drying out. Using a lip balm also prevents drying out of the lips.

Avoid smoking because it accelerates collagen’s breakdown in the body, especially if you used a collagen filler, which causes sagging of the skin.

Other ways to reduce your need for top-ups

The importance of eating healthy cannot be overemphasised when it comes to having healthy and good-looking skin. The more nutrients your skin gets, the better it looks. Taking vegetables, healthy fats, oily fish like mackerel, and a small number of nuts will supply you with the right nutrients to have healthy skin.

Avoid excess exposure to direct sunlight because UV light accelerates elastin and collagen’s breakdown in the skin. Try to limit blue light and your screen time as research shows that increased exposure to smartphone and computer screens can cause skin damage resulting from exposure to light.

Having enough sleep will also keep your skin looking youthful. While sleeping, your body gets the chance to repair worn out tissues, which also applies to your skin.

Skincare routine to increase the longevity of fillers and Botox

Your skincare routine has a huge role to play in increasing the longevity of your filler or Botox. Ensure you apply SPF5O to your neck and face daily, including cloudy days. This helps to reduce your exposure to the sun and prevent sun damage. Ensure you use products suitable for your skin type.

Exfoliate often as this helps to remove dead cells and allow your beauty products to penetrate your skin pores for better effect. However, do not over-exfoliate or use harsh products because they can damage your skin and destroy its protective barrier.

If you want to improve your looks and facial appearance using Botox, ensure you visit a reputable Botox Clinic London. Ensure the person performing the treatment is certified and experienced.

You can visit Lip Fillers London today to get long-lasting Botox or dermal fillers. You can also contact us now on 020 31372932 to book an initial appointment with our experienced cosmetic practitioner or periodic top-ups.

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