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An overview of the pros and cons when buying vape in-store and buying online.

Shopping online


Every day more people choose the internet to order goods, not just the vaper. Advantages? The first is, you will have more options. Browsing the web is very easy, you can also compare the product prices of many shops and know what items you choose to buy quickly.

You can easily find deals, the latest giveaway information as well as advertise new products. If you are a newbie, you can also check out the recommended combo starter kit for newbies. The websites are available 24/7 so you can order any time you want.

The most interesting thing about buying online is “vape mail”. Ordering online is like buying a gift for yourself.

Advantages when buying online:

    • Choice of diverse products
    • Easy to find deals
    • Vape mail
    • There is no buying pressure
    • Can be ordered at any time


Although buying online has these advantages, many people still prefer buying vapes in the store. Why is that? Let’s look at the downsides of buying online before concluding which way is better.

Buying online is of course convenient, but the problem is that the original product price also includes shipping costs, which can make you slightly out of your initial cost estimate.

Not to mention the waiting time. Vape mail is fun, but sometimes you need the item to arrive as soon as possible, even immediately. For example, when you run out of essential oils or your single burner just fails, a big deal.

In addition, sometimes you need to meet in person a technical staff or an expert to ask more specific questions that can help you choose the right product for you. Unfortunately, you don’t have that option when shopping on the web. In fact, you are limited to only knowing the specifications and photos of the device, so naturally, it will be difficult to choose what you really want. Not to mention that if you do not have to buy from a reputable store’s website but buy from another source, you may risk buying clone goods, defective goods at auth prices, or having a situation of half-hearted and funny. the product being sent differs from the advertised product (a most common scenario).

Currently, the problem of not being consulted directly when buying goods through the website has been resolved with the online consulting department.

Worse, when you want to return the item, there will be a lot of trouble and time waiting for the new product to arrive. Vape mail is no longer fun when you have to go through it a second time just to get the same product.

Disadvantages of online shopping:

    • Transport fee
    • Need time to wait
    • No direct consultation
    • There is a risk of clone goods, faulty goods
    • Inconvenient return policy
    • Product information is quite limited without review
    • Buy vape at the store


Now that we have seen the pros and cons when shopping online, let’s talk about the pros and cons of buying vapes in the store.

The vape store is not just a store, they also act as a club for members of the community. A place where vapers can meet, exchange and discuss everything about vape, even learn about upcoming vape events and information about new products. This is also the front line in helping smokers transition. It’s great to see that a customer who is a smoker after leaving the store turns into a vaper.

Vape shops also allow you to receive feedback directly from store staff and other vapers, you can also see firsthand the product you want to buy. The stores will also allow you to try their essential oils before buying, which is a huge boon, also saves you a lot.

Oftentimes, when you want to test juice, you should go to the store more, get a free trial while discussing with other vapers. The vape shop is also a great place to spot new products.

Some stores also function as a vape living room, allowing customers to bring their own food and drink, watch TV and relax. One of the best things about store buying is that you get instant satisfaction.

Advantages when buying at the store:

    • The product can be seen and touched
    • Direct consultation from technical staff
    • Socialize with the community
    • Tried essential oils


In addition to the advantages outlined above, we also have downsides to face when buying vape in the store.

The first is customer service, there are stores with very good service, enthusiastic and friendly staff, very willing to advise to help you choose the best product. There are also stores with poor quality service, with staff ignorant of vape who only recommend you the most expensive products, no matter if you can use it or not. There are also non-reputable stores that sell phony and cut down on inexperienced customers.

In addition, when buying in a store you will also be limited to only selecting the devices that are available there. For example, they may have the burner you want but the color and the essential oil you like but the nicotine level is higher or lower.

Another thing to note is that stores always have a certain opening time, while you can buy online 24/7. This is very important when you need to return an item within a certain time frame. It’s also very inconvenient if the store opens at the same time as your working hours.


    • Limited working time
    • Occasionally meet ignorant staff
    • Choices are limited
    • Stricter return policy


Which option is better for you? After all, it’s all up to you. It depends on your situation and which side you prefer, as both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you are far from an area with no vape shop, the best option is to buy online. If you are the communicator, want to be close to the community, or want to get regular direct advice but are near the vape shop, it is best to go to the store to buy it for convenience.

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