Is Black Friday Canceled in 2020? – Get Sells and Deal Predictions

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If you are thinking that this year Black Friday is going to get canceled due to the COVID-19 Situation, then you are wrong guys. However, this time it is going to be a little different, maybe with a little more surprises. This year, 2020 has been the most destructive as well as a productive year. However, for the retail industries, this year, the sales were very inactive and stagnant. Consumers on the other hand are facing job loss, financial issues. So, what is the scenario of the Black Friday meantime? Well, we have got you all covered. Get all Black Friday 2020 Deals and Prediction Updates Here.

Black Friday 2020: Is it Cancelled?

Well, as per the experts, Black Friday this year won’t be cancelled, but in-store events might. Earlier, rumour were saying that “The Biggest Shopping Carnival of the year has been cancelled”. Well, part of it is true. Yes, there will be no In-Store Events Happening due to COVID- 19 Pandemic.

But, if we see the sales data for the last year (2019), the majority of the purchases were done online on Thanksgiving Weekend. A fun fact is that the Online Black Friday Sales Numbers has been trending since 2016. For the past few years, Walmart, Kohl, Target have been making their Black Friday Sales and Deals online. Like for example, Air Pods were sold online the day before Thanksgiving.

Online Sales to Start Early This Year

This year, you can expect that the Black Friday and Pre-Black Friday sales to arrive earlier. However, most of the stores have started releasing ads and discounts on their products. The year 2020, is which is the year of  Struggles and Losses, will make or break the stats of the retailers (which are on the brink of bankruptcy).

Sells Deals and Spending Predictions

The spending game of Black Friday has been on top-notch since 2016 with leaps of 20% year or over. However, this year you might see slow spending stats, but not halt entirely. So, this year, you can predict that the spending sales and purchase might slow down a bit as compared with the last year.

Popular Stores to Come in Action Soon- Amazon Might Win The Race

For the past few years, stores such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s have started their sales online. Target has already started the Sale marathon. You can check out the Black Friday 2020 TV Predictions on their website. On, the other hand Stores like Macy’s have come up with “Pick-Up Service Option” for the customers. But, if you see the Profits and Spending Statistics, of these website stores, Amazon Wins the Race. The website has the highest sale starting from the Sanitation and Hygiene Shopping to Grocery Shopping.

Smart Home Tech Prices Have Dropped This Year

The Prices of Google Nest, 70 K Inch TV have dropped this year. While Apple is in no mood to give any discounts with its new launch and other products. The Mini speakers are available for $20 to 30$. Whereas, the High-End Speakers are available for under $150.

The Black Friday Ads have been released by the Stores and the Websites. This season is lucky for air-fryers, as you can get 50% off on the product. We wish you happy shopping. Stay Safe and Healthy.

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