A Guide on How to Find the Right International Schools for Your Child

Right International School for Your Child
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Are you looking for a school for your child? If your answer is yes, then you must know a few important points that you should consider before applying to different international schools. We say international schools because international schools are considered to provide the best education and the best facilities for the children in India.


Pune has a lot of international schools located within the city and the outskirts. You can find many best international schools in Pune. You should visit the website of different schools to find out more about them. If you any queries, you can call them at the number given at the website or just write an email. Go through the list of a few schools before applying to any of them. The right choice is very important while choosing the school for your child.


The infrastructure of any good school matters as much as education. A state of art infrastructure can help build a school its reputation. Also, the facilities like separate libraries, stationery shops, internet cafes and other buildings like sports complex. All of these are very useful when a child goes to an international school for education. All of these are for the comfort of the child and his intellectual growth.


When looking at the quality of the faculty, you should look at three main things. Firstly, look at the qualification of the staff members and teachers. The teachers should be properly qualified to teach the students. Secondly, the experience of the teachers should be enough that they know how to handle the different issues of the students. Thirdly, the teachers and the staff should be understanding and compassionate towards the students. This is a very important trait because the students feel supported if the teachers understand them.

Extra Activities

For the all-round development of children, the focus shouldn’t just be to study but the children should be encouraged to develop the extra skills. So children are good at the arts, some are good at dance and so on. So, the teachers should help students to enhance their talent and skills so that they become goo at their talent. Helping kids developing a hobby is a task too. When children learn something new, parents and teachers feel proud of them. Another interesting hobby that a child can develop is horse riding but you will have to check if the school provides such a facility or not.

Sports Facility

It is said that the brain development of a child depends on gaining knowledge and participating in physical activity together. It is true that playing sports helps a child to develop physical stamina, a strong immune system, and a sharp mind. The international schools have facilities for different sports like – chess, cricket, football, swimming and many more for the students. The students can choose the sport of their choice and then learn it properly. International schools also hold competition for children who have become very good at playing a particular sport.


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