7 Clever Ways to Make Your Home Look Old

7 Clever Ways to Make Your Home Look Old
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In the contemporary world, there is hardly a person who can’t stop him/her praising the beauty and warmth of a well-constructed, old historical building or home. Even after having several advancements, antique items or a Victorian mansion are distinguished in style and stand apart from many new structures. After visiting a historical building or an old home, you start thinking of having an old look or conventional look for your home. Here are some useful ways in this regard:

  1. Hang an old clock

For more than 300 years, clocks have been used for both time display and home decoration. You can opt for hanging a vintage wall clock if you are really serious to give a traditional look to your home. When you step out for purchasing such one, you will come across numerous options in terms of designs, shapes, and appearances. In your purchase, you can select the one with a shape like ship wheel, trapezium, zig zag, etc. and a design such as Mandala. Get the one that suits your taste of antique items.

  1. Place real paintings

In the 14th century, there was no print or printing technology. Paintings made using hands are different from the one printed using machines. Machine-made art is machine made and doesn’t provide the feel you can get from the one done using brushes and paints on a canvas. For an original traditional look, you should install the real paintings on your home walls. Such paintings will provide you a feel of human creation and lack artificial feeling & look. Even if you decide to hang abstract or modern paintings on your home wall, get the one that has human-made textures.

  1. Focus on using superior quality materials

In the era of the existing identified old structures, synthetic blends and low quality plastics did not exist. On those days, only natural materials such as metals, woods, and earthen items were used to build a structure. For a conventional look, you should focus on utilising natural materials. Opt for natural looking items if you find using natural materials hard in the construction or decoration of your home. With this, you will be successful in having an aesthetic and more timeless appeal for your home.

  1. Purchase decorative’s or items of different eras

Buying and using old things for home decoration is the best way to bring an old look to your home. With this, you can easily bring historical characters into your abode. However, you need to be very careful. In your home decor purchase, you should select the things of different eras – medieval, modern, and the 21st centuries. Have a balanced mix of antique home decor items. And for this, you can visit a vintage store in your market or log onto an eCommerce website such as WallMantra that sells vintage-themed items.

  1. Use lime wash to paint your home wall

Maybe your home has smooth, flat, and dry walls. You would have a sterile feel at home, but not soulful. Using lime wash is an ideal home painting option, as this mineral-based colouring solution provides a texture, movement, and character to your home without having an unnatural feeling. Bauwerk and portola lime wash paints are the one you can use to paint your home for a conventional look.  

  1. Place rugs and furniture items with old designs

For a better conventional home look, you should pay more attention to having the things with old designs. Start with furniture pieces and rugs. Walk around your local markets or log onto a few trusted eCommerce stores that sell old stuff or the things with traditional look/designs. Choose the best set for your home.

  1. Place a few potted small plants inside

You know people lived in the forest in the old age. They were in the lap of nature and used only plant parts to build homes in the wood. In the current world, it’s hard for you to live in the jungle. However, you can bring nature close to you by planting a few plants in the backyard/front yard or inside your home. You will have a different feeling after placing the potted plants or planting some plants.


Having an old home look is a little tricky task for home owners like you. From painting to organising things and decoration, you need to take every step carefully. As per your wish, you can follow the ideas mentioned above or use your creative mind to do something really unique for making your home look conventional.

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