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When men and women are in a relationship there is sex happens naturally after the marriage or after being a girlfriend or boyfriend. In a room, the partner wants lovers not roommates who can just come and sleep on their side you are sleeping on your side. You can like when your partner touches you, cuddles you, or avoid having these and fight with your partner about sex not even touch. You supposed to feel sexually with your partner rejects for sexual.

A sexually not satisfied is like slow poison in relationship to a breakup or ended but it can possible to stable everything with small talk with a partner which is signal to have a relationship and talking flirty with partner otherwise your relationship is going to end with divorce before that start caring to your partner there are few tips which you can follow for a better relationship and start good sex life as well.

Conversation with your partner

Talk with your partner if you have any problem with your partner for any kind of problem about family, finance, or anything else talk direct no put you in ego circle and wait long your partner will approach for talk start you and resolved the issue. Talk with flirty after everything okay with you go without with partner a best quality time spend with your partner that can improve relationship when in future any breakout comes in life. Keep understanding what you need from your partner ask directly in the communication.

Ask What You Like and Want

It easy to wait for your partner to let you about that or give you do not wait long ask direct what you want from your partner in real life as well sexual life in many cases partner never let about that they thought their partner will understand in future and a long period passed that could not happen and slowly break comes in sexual life if you not satisfied with your partner with their time let him usually men have erectile dysfunction problem and which is common nowadays men do not knew about that ask him if you not satisfied over a bed or give him a surprise gelly foam sildenafil citrate kamagra oral jelly 100 mg pill or cenforce (Fildena 100 and Cenforce 100 Is best pill) which are increase bedtime from 1 minute short time to direct boost 30 minutes long time which awesomely solved low libido problem as well.

Stay Away Family and Wealth Issue From Bedroom

There are many couples I saw their family issue is disturbing between couple personal relationship same kind of is there any financial crisis come in life there is also break the relationship also not well go with a sexual relationship. Because both can ruin the mood, just let it alone handle that and not disturb sex life.  There is one more issue which comes has a breaker that is a mobile phone there is a couple who are always with the mobile phone do searching and surfing all-time in a bed and not give a time when you both are in bedroom put mobile switch off and start talking about whole day journey passed or further planning.

Keep Flirt With Partner

Always flirt with your partner outside of bedroom life as well couples always avoid that and keep a distance that flirts talk or flirts thing to do with your partner when you did on the first day at your relationship always keep refresh your relationship with this method if you can avoid then your relationship gets boring day by day if your partner avoids doing that you can approach first do and keep doing over and over.

Stop Long Fight

In a relationship, there is a fight that happens but keep that short and do not stretch short flight to long with month fight. Short out your problem throughout friends and family, if your partner does not want talk with if you can put your ego besides there, is all relationship can handle easily without any long argument and become strongly mutual understanding between couples and also fight is a breakout in a sexual relationship as well when you or your partner fight each and every second day find out the solution and start flirty.  

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